Youth Climate Save

Youth Climate Save is fighting for diet change and food system change now.

As our fastest growing branch, Youth Climate Save aims to put animal agriculture at the centre of climate debate, promoting plant based diets and reforestation of earth.

With over 80 Chapters worldwide, youth climate activists organize in their communities including beach and park clean ups, lobbying schools for plant based food options and attend climate strikes. They will also be lobbying cities to endorse the Plant Based Treaty and working to influence city climate action plans and purchasing policies so that plant based foods are promoted in schools, hospitals, care homes and public office.

Genesis Butler

Genesis Butler, at the age of 13 founded Youth Climate Save in 2020. She felt animal agriculture and its link to climate change wasn't emphasized in the climate action movement. Through Youth Climate Save she is connecting youth activists around the world to bring vegan diet change to the forefront of climate activism and policy. Genesis went vegan on her own at the age of six after discovering the milk she was drinking came from mother cows. Genesis speaks regularly at environmental events and is featured in the documentary Cesar Chavez: Respect for All about the life and activism of her great uncle Cesar Chavez.

Get Social with Youth Climate Save

We love getting social, which is why you’ll find us on all the major social media platforms. We think it’s a great way to build an online community where we can share news, ideas and actions. See you there!

Beach & city clean ups

Youth Climate Save chapters across the globe organize beach, park and city clean ups in their communities.

Start a chapter today to get involved!

Youth Climate Save teamed up with singer songwriter Leona Lewis and LA Fish Save for Global Clean Up Day 2021.

They also took along one of our huge #WatchSeaspiracy banners!

A World Without...

Youth Climate Save's World Without series helps people understand the link between animal agriculture and species extinction.

Youth Climate Save panels

Youth Climate Save activist Lana Weidgenant hosts monthly panels covering topical issues such as food accessibility, youth activism in food system change and inclusivity in the vegan movement.