Wake Up World

Our public awareness campaign Wake Up World runs periodically throughout the year by all four branches of our movement. During the holiday season, vegans and activists from Animal Save Movement, Climate Save Movement and Health Save Movement come together to invite family and friends to attend an animal vigil, watch an animal rights documentary, listen to a podcast or read a book, make a vegan meal together sign up for Challenge 22 or Veganuary, or a beach clean up together.

Together Let's Wake Up The World!

The aim of Wake Up World is to collectively open the eyes of non-vegans to the immense suffering and exploitation of non-human animals, and to inspire everyone to become vegan activists and agents of change. The holidays are a time to show kindness, love and compassion to all living beings. It is a time to reach out to all those who suffer and create a better world.

Let's Make Compassion Contagious!

To take part in our next Wake Up World campaign...

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