We return love for hate, and believe that ending violence and oppression must be done with compassion and kindness for all. We engage in nonviolent communication as a unique and powerful process for inspiring compassionate connection and action.

All groups affiliated with Animal Save Movement embrace our core values:

  • 01 - All non-human animals should have moral consideration and be considered "persons" not "property".

  • 02 - It is everyone’s moral duty to bear witness, come close and try to help when animals are suffering and facing exploitation.

  • 03 - We use a love-based, non-judgmental community organizing approach to activism where the means are as important as the ends.

  • 04 - We encourage expanding team leadership to grow our movement, which is democratic with a horizontal structure supported by a core team of experts at the global level.

  • 05 - We engage in ongoing mass training to increase our knowledge as activists and gain new tools to become effective organizers.

  • 06 - We are building a diverse, equitable and inclusive movement where we oppose all forms of discrimination and oppression. We take an intersectional stance and build coalitions with environmental, anti-racist, and other social justice groups. Refer to Diversity and Inclusion Guidelines.

  • 07 - We are creating a safe environment where activists pay attention to self-care and take care of each other.

  • 08 - We believe in animal equality and the interconnectedness of life. As Tolstoy says, “all life is one, and that when men wish to harm others, they really do evil to themselves.”