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Three new countries have joined The Save Movement! Welcome, all. See the full list here.

Welcome Rakvere Animal Save. Find them on Facebook.

They held their first vigil on November 12:



Welcome Tartu Animal Save. Find them on Facebook.
Welcome Riga Animal Save. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

They held their first vigil on November 13. Please watch: “The least we can do is tell the public about them, show their faces. Help make their destinies visible – press SHARE and write if you want to get involved!”

Welcome Istanbul Animal Save. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Their first vigil is taking place on November 19: event page





For full Save Movement media coverage, please go to The Save Movement: Media.

CDMX Animal Save‘s vigils made a big media appearance as Excelsior, a large newspaper, published a detailed article about farmed animal rights and The Save Movement:
Activists ask animals for forgiveness


The CBC reported on St. John’s Farm Animal Save‘s vigils:
Vegan group holds ‘vigils’ for chickens en route to processing plant





The second Save Latino Tour of 2018 is here!
The Save Movement Latin America started its Save Latino Tour on November 13 with organizers Nevenka Tenenbaum and Maureen Lómez to open new groups and support those who need it.
They will visit the following cities of Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Paraguay: Tucumán, Salta, Corrientes, San Juan, San Luis, Trelew, Neuquén, Bariloche, Santa Cruz de La Sierra, Cochabamba, La Paz, Lima, Trujillo and Asunción.
At the same time, they will be holding informative talks for activists who want to know the movement and want to us, as well as sharing other local activism to generate a more active and united community.

The tour is already having success as a new group has formed in Argentina!

Welcome Tucumán Animal Save. Find them on Facebook.





If you would like to bear witness but don’t have Save vigils near you, consider starting a group. Email us at or check out for info on how to get started! We will help you every step of the way.



Hong Kong Pig Save report from the Metro Manila Animal Save vigil that one of their members attended in October:
“Despite the generally low awareness on animal rights in Philippines (just beside the slaughterhouse there was a cock-fighting coliseum)and only single-digit number of participants in vigils, Metro Manila Animal Save has been working hard organising pig vigils every weekend with a view to enable people to make a connection with these poor animals. The vigil lasted for 3 hours during which we witnessed 7 double-decker trucks packed with these innocent babies entering the slaughterhouse. We pet and watered them. We also took the opportunity exhibiting signboards and handing out vegan starter kits to the drivers and pedestrians who passed by with a view to promoting animal rights and veganism “
Watch: Darshana Muzumdar of Pune Animal Save reports from the Panjim market in Goa.
“We’re all conditioned by society to accept this atrocity and violence as something normal, natural and necessary. Is it? Time we started breaking these shackles and started listening to our hearts and minds.”



Please watch and share Brisbane Animal Save‘s video taken at the JBS slaughter plant in Rockhampton. “These cattle were about to be delivered to their deaths. Rest in Peace – we saw you.”
Please watch: Wellington Animal Save bore witness to sheep outside the Taylor Preston slaughter plant:



Český Brod Animal Save gave the pigs kindness during their November 5 vigil:
“People hate when animals get mistreated. Almost everyone agrees. But you should realize that this is the most common animal abuse that has ever occurred and occurs – everyday, every second, worldwide “
Please see these scenes from Helsinki Animal Save‘s November 12 vigil at the Vainio slaughter plant:
Please watch Milano Animal Save‘s second vigil at the INALCA slaughter plant:
Viseu Animal Save bore witness to chickens going in to be killed at a slaughter plant that kills 60,000 daily.
Alicante Animal Save bore witness at the Orihuela slaughter plant: “We witnessed the terror of innocent victims who just want to live and be free. We saw in their eyes a sadness and deep pain.”
80 activists came together at Zurich Animal Save‘s November 16 vigil with special guest Joey Carbstrong. Please watch:
Welcome Malton Pig Save. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Their first vigil is coming up on November 29: event page

Would you pay for this cruelty if they were Dogs? Why love one but eat the other? =
Essex Pig Save
Nottinghamshire Animal Save report from their November 17 Lifeline Campaign event with other AR groups:
“Today we joined Animal Justice Project in our partnership Speciesism Lifeline with Nottingham Animal Rights! A really successful day! It’s great getting out speaking to the public about moving towards a vegan lifestyle.”
“Bearing witness and documenting the final moments of cows going to slaughter. A terrified cow knows she is going to be killed.”
Shropshire & Worcestershire Animal Save



Welcome Tena Animal Save. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.



Dear friends,

Don’t turn away. Join us! Bear witness at our weekly vigils. (Please scroll down for vigil schedule.)

“Once you see and feel…you see how they are treated and their eyes, you can’t deny it, you have to go vegan!” – Catherine Renaud. Thank you for bearing witness with the Toronto Pig Save. Go vegan and get involved! Bear Witness with us on Thursdays 8 – 10 am at Fearmans “Pork” Inc., 821 Appleby Burlington (near Appleby GO train station).
Please watch video from Vancouver Chicken Save’s weekly vigil at Hallmark:
“It was a pretty wonderful day to spread the message of kindness and compassion! Thank you all for coming out!
We’re over 5,000 signatures. Please help us get to 7,500!
“Toronto Pig Save activists have been holding vigils at Fearmans slaughterhouse for several years and have raised safety concerns with Fearmans regarding aggressive truck drivers. Our requests have been ignored. We call on Michael Latifi CEO of Sofina Foods and Fearmans slaughterhouse to set up a Safety Agreement Now to enable us to safely bear witness at our weekly vigils.”
Michael Latifi: Stop endangering activists! Negotiate a safety agreement at Fearmans now!
The Save Movement has been co-organizing Dominion screenings on university campuses around Ontario:
●Ryerson University, ~60 people
●Carleton University (September and November), ~ 60 people
●The University of Windsor, ~30 people
● The University of Guelph, ~ 80 people
●The University of Western Ontario, ~ 75 people
●Lakehead University, ~ 70 people
●The University of Ottawa, ~30 people
●McMaster University, ~75 people (during a snowstorm!)
A million thanks to all of the animal rights and veggie clubs at the universities for co-hosting and being amazing; to VegFund for providing food for many of them; and to Dominion for making such a powerful film and for giving us the rights to show the film.
Brampton Fur Animal Save held their first outreach event on November 17 during Brampton’s annual Santa Claus Parade.
“Thank you to everyone who made it out to support Brampton Fur Animal Save and our first outreach! We handed out plenty of leaflets, and even had some inspiring conversations with people attending the parade. Get in touch with us if you would like to participate in the next outreach.”
Hamilton Fur Animal Save also held their first outreach event, on November 17.
“We had over 20 positive interactions with fur wearers accepting literature and several supportive passers-by.”



Oahu Animal Save held their first vigil on November 15. They report:
“We bore witness and said goodbye to these sweet cows in their final moments before slaughter. Save animals. Bear witness. Go vegan.” Please watch:
Louisville Pig Save held a 30-hour vigil on November 4 and 5 outside the JBS slaughter plant. They report:
“‘I am here for them because this is not good and nothing, no pig, cow or anyone should be put in this hell so we can eat them.’ – Bailey Thomas, age 11
There were 67 trucks that came through. For 30 hours we stood watch to greet the pigs with love and kindness. Over 12,000 pigs came here to die, with no one but us to recognize their life meant more than a meal.”
Houston Animal Save held a vigil at Tai Hung Farm “Poultry” where live chickens, rabbits, ducks and quail are held and then slaughtered each day.
Long Beach Animal Save report from their vigil for the birds:
“The truck came a bit earlier than expected. We encountered a crate of ducks left in the parking lot. They were terrified: bloodied and with missing feathers, crammed head to tail and covered in their own waste. We sat with the ducks until they calmed down. We sang to them, too. The owner of the butcher shop found us sitting by the crate, but he let us bear witness until he needed to lock the gate.”



Climate Vegan‘s core message is: Help save the planet by going vegan and becoming active.


Hi, I’m Lily the Mother Goat.
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Taking a stand can sometimes be scary. But if it wasn’t for humans taking a stand for me I wouldn’t be here today to share my story! Take a stand for compassion, take a stand for all individuals!


Donate Today!

Toronto Pig Save started in December 2010, with a promise to the pigs of doing a minimum of three vigils and vegan outreach events each week, all year round. We bear witness as a community of pigs, cows, chickens and other farmed animal victims in slaughterhouse trucks. The animals want us to be present and, with the most pleading eyes, ask for our help when we see them through the portholes of transport trucks. Just as if we were in those horrid trucks, we would want the whole community to be there fighting for our freedom, liberation, rights, and equality. In a way, we are there. All life is one and, “when (wo)men wish to harm others, they really do evil to themselves,” Leo Tolstoy said in his animal rights story “Esarhaddon, King of Assyria”. It’s our positive duty and obligation to act in the present to try to stop the most egregious injustices before us.

“When the suffering of another creature causes you to feel pain, do not submit to the initial desire to flee from the suffering one, but on the contrary, come closer, as close as you can to her who suffers, and try to help her.” – Leo Tolstoy
In seven years, The Save Movement has grown to over 550 Save groups in 60 countries around the world. Our dream is to have regular vigils at every slaughter plant worldwide. We regularly give seed money to new Save groups and require funds for literature, posters, subway ad campaigns ( and vegan outreach events.
Make animal liberation your priority in life! Think of 10 kind things you can do each day and encourage your friends to do the same! Join us and participate in our weekly vigils, start a Save group in your community, and be a regular donor.


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Thank you for supporting The Save Movement!

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