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Climate Vegan
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Climate Vegan‘s core message is: Help save the planet by going vegan and becoming active.

Welcome, North Carolina Climate Save, the newest Climate Vegan chapter. They will be part of the #AmazonEmergency campaign to stop the destruction of the Amazon. Please watch to learn more:

Let’s mobilize to fight climate change
The headlines tell us what’s happening, but not what to do about it.
The Save Movement is working to set up a Climate Vegan working group to produce a plan of action and to launch campaigns to address this most urgent of disasters. We will involve our 550+ chapters in 59 countries around the world. Climate change is happening and it is absolutely critical that we mobilize to fight it before it’s too late.
We need all the help we can get. Please join us!





For full Save Movement media overage, please go to The Save Movement: Media.

Please watch and share this viral video by The Active Vegan at a vigil with Suffolk Animal Save:
“Trembling with fear”

Buenos Aires Animal Save took part in the animal rights march and were interviewed by La Nacion, a large newspaper in Argentina. They spoke of a peaceful approach to fighting for animals:
After march, vegan activists speak





The second Save Latino Tour of 2018 is here!
The Save Movement Latin America will be starting its Save Latino Tour on November 13 with organizers Nevenka Tenenbaum and Maureen Lómez to open new groups and support those who need it.
They will visit the following cities of Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Paraguay: Tucumán, Salta, Corrientes, San Juan, San Luis, Trelew, Neuquén, Bariloche, Santa Cruz de La Sierra, Cochabamba, La Paz, Lima, Trujillo and Asunción.
At the same time, they will be holding informative talks for activists who want to know the movement and want to us, as well as sharing other local activism to generate a more active and united community.





If you would like to bear witness but don’t have Save vigils near you, consider starting a group. Email us at or check out for info on how to get started! We will help you every step of the way.



Please watch and share: Israel Against Live Shipments documented how the already abused cows are further brutalized upon arriving at the destination port.



Canberra Animal Save report from what they saw at the Queanbeyan Show, an animal ag event:
“we came across the dairy goat competition with 3 mothers and 4 kids from a month old to two weeks. We were absolutely heart broken when we saw how horrendous the injuries were. Not only that but also separated from their mother and some didn’t have access to food or water because they were tied to the gate.”



Liège Animal Save held their first vigil on November 5 at the Lovenfosse Abattoir. Please watch:
Schwerin Animal Save report from their first vigil:
We want to thank Rostock Animal Save for organizing our first vigil together – we are so grateful for your support.
Thank you to everyone who came and stood with us peacefully united.”
Reykjavík Animal Save‘s second vigil received press coverage:

Drawing attention to what happens behind the doors of slaughterhouses

Welcome Imperia Animal Save. Find them on Facebook.
Portugal has 3 new Save groups!
Welcome Aveiro Animal Save. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.
Welcome Coimbra Animal Save. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.
Welcome Funchal Animal Save. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.
Welcome Škofja Loka Animal Save. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Watch: Maribor Animal Save bearing witness to cows on November 5:
“How can such fear, such pain and horror in these wonderful, innocent beings be accepted as something ‘normal’? PLEASE, Open your eyes, we do not need to support this! “

From their vigil at the Scans slaughter pant, Linköping Animal Save report about the cows they witnessed:
“Today we were outside the slaughterhouse as we had so many times before, with hope of a world without violence. We were met by many sad and panicked eyes who called for help. The pictures taken of the nice individuals we met today speak for themselves.”
Basel Animal Save held their first vigil on November 5. Please watch:
After a break because of fears of the African swine fever, IJsselstein Pig Save has resumed vigils at the Westfort Vleesproducten slaughter plant:
East London Chicken Save celebrated 2 years of bearing witness by holding a vigil at the Kedassia slaughter plant:
“Today marked two years since we started our East London Chicken Save vigils. It’s safe to estimate that around 2.5 million 6 week old birds will have been slaughtered at this Hackney slaughterhouse during that time. Today saw thousands more arrive, virtually mute having endured hours of driving throughout a cold winter night, motionless as they were led inside to meet their fate. A minute’s silence was held for them as the slaughterhouse doors closed on them. We must keep pushing towards that day when all creatures are respected and not seen as mere ‘products,’ working together to achieve our goal of a vegan world.”
“This is a video I made with North East Animal Save. If I told you about a truck full of 1-4 year old creatures with wet noses, slobbery mouths, and big puppy dog eyes which constantly reflect a mix of curiosity and terror, and I told you that the truck was taking them to be killed, who would you side with? The animals? Or the killers?
– Dale Phelan
“Can you look them in the eyes and still eat their flesh?”
Sussex Animal Save



Watch Buenos Aires Animal Save‘s livestream from their pig vigil at the La Pompeya slaughter plant:
Save Movement Costa Rica report from their very well attended November 4 vigil:
“Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer: ‘Compassion for animals is intimately associated with goodness of character, and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.’ Everyday more vegan activists join our team; thanks to every activist who bore witness and gave a little love on the last moments of life for these animals.”
Save Movement Montevideo had a table at the EXPO Meditación wellness event, “sharing the reality that other animals live and showing what vigils and other forms of activism in Uruguay consist of.”



Dear friends,

Don’t turn away. Join us! Bear witness at our weekly vigils. (Please scroll down for vigil schedule.)

Ditch Dairy SAVE Lives
Ditch Dairy SAVE Lives is a campaign focusing on bringing light to the victims of the dairy industry, (including goats and sheep. We are encouraging new and existing groups to hold outreach outside of dairy farms, factories or places where there are high volumes of dairy being sold. Groups that do not have access to farms or factories can hold outreach outside of establishments retailing large amounts of dairy products. Apply for Vegfund grants to provide samples of plant milks at outreach. Please send a message to the page if you are interested in taking part.
We’re over 4,000 signatures. Please help us get to 5,000!
“Toronto Pig Save activists have been holding vigils at Fearmans slaughterhouse for several years and have raised safety concerns with Fearmans regarding aggressive truck drivers. Our requests have been ignored. We call on Michael Latifi CEO of Sofina Foods and Fearmans slaughterhouse to set up a Safety Agreement Now to enable us to safely bear witness at our weekly vigils.”
Michael Latifi: Stop endangering activists! Negotiate a safety agreement at Fearmans now!Watch: At Los Angeles Animal Save‘s weekly vigils, the Los Angeles police department facilitates a safety agreement by stopping the trucks to allow activists to bear witness and give water to the pigs for a set time prior to the trucks entering Farmer John’s slaughter plant. There is no excuse or reason for Fearmans and Michael Latifi to continually put activists’ lives in danger.
London Chicken Save report from their vigil on November 6 which was attended by students:
“We asked some of the students from Western University Vegan Society why they chose to attend a vigil to bear witness and we were inspired by their response.“ Watch:
Langley Pig Save continue to hold weekly vigils for the pigs at the Britco slaughter plant.
London Pig Save took the drive to Burlington to bear witness with Toronto Pig Save at Fearmans “Pork” slaughter plant. Please watch:


In New York City, The Save Movement aims to have 100 chapters, one at each live market. Staten Island Animal Save is one of them.
Welcome Staten Island Animal Save. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.
Their first vigil is set for November 29: event page
Boston Fish Save held a protest and outreach for the fish who suffer at pet stores:
“We had a great outreach event today for the bettas suffering at Petco stores. Twelve lovely activists united to make a difference and educate the public on how sentient animals are exploited here. We were met with so much support. Thank you to everyone who came out. We can’t wait to do outreach with you again, until everyone is happy, safe, and free. “
Please watch: Greeley Cow Save bearing witness at the JBS slaughter plant:
Please watch: Scenes of compassion and love for the pigs at North Carolina Farmed Animal Save‘s vigils:
Newark Animal Save report from their morning vigil on November 8:
“Thank you to all were able to make it. We love and appreciate each and every one of you. To all those babies on the truck, we are so sorry for what you are being forced to endure. We love you. We will fight for you until every cage is free.”



Climate Vegan‘s core message is: Help save the planet by going vegan and becoming active.

Welcome, North Carolina Climate Save, the newest Climate Vegan chapter. They will be part of the #AmazonEmergency campaign to stop the destruction of the Amazon. Please watch to learn more:
Kitchener-Waterloo Climate Save, a climate Vegan chapter in Ontario, did lots of outreach and education at London VegFest, a very successful event.
“Thanks, Vegfest London, for a good day yesterday. Congrats to Aurora who won our raffle for the children’s book, and Shaun who won the DVD of Sea of Life! And so many thanks to Trish Gaunt, Janice Rabbits and Temara Brown for all your help “

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Toronto Pig Save started in December 2010, with a promise to the pigs of doing a minimum of three vigils and vegan outreach events each week, all year round. We bear witness as a community of pigs, cows, chickens and other farmed animal victims in slaughterhouse trucks. The animals want us to be present and, with the most pleading eyes, ask for our help when we see them through the portholes of transport trucks. Just as if we were in those horrid trucks, we would want the whole community to be there fighting for our freedom, liberation, rights, and equality. In a way, we are there. All life is one and, “when (wo)men wish to harm others, they really do evil to themselves,” Leo Tolstoy said in his animal rights story “Esarhaddon, King of Assyria”. It’s our positive duty and obligation to act in the present to try to stop the most egregious injustices before us.

“When the suffering of another creature causes you to feel pain, do not submit to the initial desire to flee from the suffering one, but on the contrary, come closer, as close as you can to her who suffers, and try to help her.” – Leo Tolstoy
In seven years, The Save Movement has grown to over 550 Save groups in 57 countries around the world. Our dream is to have regular vigils at every slaughter plant worldwide. We regularly give seed money to new Save groups and require funds for literature, posters, subway ad campaigns ( and vegan outreach events.
Make animal liberation your priority in life! Think of 10 kind things you can do each day and encourage your friends to do the same! Join us and participate in our weekly vigils, start a Save group in your community, and be a regular donor.


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Thank you for supporting The Save Movement!

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