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July 5, 2019


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The Save Movement is growing around the world!
We have 845 chapters in three branches:
Animal Save:   672 groups in 70 countries
Climate Save:  138 groups in 45 countries
Health Save:    35 groups in 24 countries


    Thank you for supporting The Save Movement!

Our Weekly News Update

Chalktivism for the Amazon Rainforest: Chalktivism at Brazilian embassies and consulates worldwide
Please join us on 7/7 (July 7) to raise awareness of the worst deforestation on record this past May 2019. The Brazilian government in conjunction with animal feed companies is turning the Amazon rainforests into meat burgers. Chalking ideas: “Killing animals is killing the rainforest,” “Go vegan to reforest the earth.”
event page


Thanks for all the kind support!!! We are at $19,292 (39%). 198 donations so far. Please donate and share the BeFairBeVegan Toronto campaign.Help Us Bring BeFairBeVegan to Toronto! Thanks to you we are well on our way to bringing BeFairBeVegan to Toronto! Please watch our video.

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The Save Movement in the Media

Israel Animal Save‘s video showing the horrors of live export has received big new media coverage.

Channel 12 news video.
The Times of Israel newspaper: Dozens of cows perish in hot, crowded live transport ship to Israel
“The ship from Australia bearing 20,000 calves and lambs arrived in Eilat on the morning of Friday, June 8. Workers began removing the animals from the ship Friday night, and didn’t finish for five days. The animals onboard were left in hot, crowded conditions.”

Following the occupation of a pig farm by activists from Meat the Victims on May 13, there has been a lot of media interest in vegan activism in the Netherlands. Several vigils were attended by mainstream media.
Please see this video by NH Nieuws of a demonstration held by Oost-Graftdijk Animal Save, together with their sister organisation Animal Rights. Activists laid down flowers for the animal victims and put postcards with powerful, but positive, messages in the post box of the slaughterhouse.

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Our mission: The Climate Save Movement is a worldwide network of climate action groups aiming to end animal agriculture and transition to a just and vegan, plant-based food system, reforest the Earth and phase out fossil fuels to address the climate emergency.

Animal agriculture is a key source of greenhouse gas emissions, which can all be eliminated entirely. It is also the leading source of ocean dead zones, deforestation, mass species extinction, and excessive water use. Veganism and reforestation are critical parts of climate actions and, along with eliminating fossil fuels, are our last hope against catastrophic tipping points for our climate.

Please welcome our new Climate Save chapters from around the world:
Amsterdam Climate Save (Netherlands).
Find them on Facebook.
Chemnitz Climate Save  (Germany).
Find them on Facebook.
Latin America
Guayaquil Climate Save (Ecuador).
Find them on Facebook and Instagram.
North America
León Climate Save (Mexico).
Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Port Macquarie Climate Save (Australia). Find them on Facebook.

Bee Save Movement has been launched as part of Climate Save Movement, with the goal of protecting some of the smallest beings we share this planet with and help solve the climate crisis by helping the bees survive. Animal agriculture is a key source of pesticides, which are one of the main reasons bees are going extinct. Honey is another industry that is harming the bees at a mass scale. Veganism is a critical part of important actions for the bees and our future.
Please welcome new Bee Save groups:
Athens Bee Save (Greece). Find them on Facebook and Instagram.
Chaco Bee Save (Argentina). Find them on Facebook and Instagram.


The Netflix show “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj” recently aired an episode titled “Brazil And The Amazon” which offers a detailed view of the growing threats to Brazil’s Amazon rainforest. “After a long and welcome decline, Brazil’s deforestation rates have begun to rise again, just as climate science shows how desperately we need the forest to survive.” The show explains the role of animal agriculture and government corruption in the decline of the Amazon and the threats to indigenous peoples.


Please help by signing our petition. Let’s get to 15,000 signatures!
Stop Bolsonaro from destroying the Amazon!


Take Action!! Start your own Climate Save group! Visit or email us at to get started.

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Health Save Movement

Health Save Movement aims to show how veganism can prevent and reverse diseases related to animal products consumption, enhance food justice, and decrease spending on the health crisis.

Please welcome our new chapters:
Alkmaar Health Save (Netherlands). Find them on Facebook.

A Well Fed World: Get Your Protein From Nuts, Not Meat Says Major Medical Study
“The study found that people who consumed large amounts of meat protein experienced a 60-percent increase in cardiovascular disease (CVD), while people who consumed large amounts of protein from nuts and seeds experienced a 40-percent reduction in CVD.”

This video explains: How the Dairy Industry Designs Misleading Studies

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Lily the Mother Goat
Hi, I’m Lily the Mother Goat. Please follow/like my Instagram and Facebook pages.

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Bearing Witness Around the World
If you would like to bear witness but don’t have Save vigils near you, consider starting a group. Email us at or check out for info on how to get started! We will help you every step of the way.


Save Movement Johannesburg‘s Yulin protest at the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China received local news coverage.
Animal rights activists gather to protest Yulin Dog Meat Festival
“Thank you Rosebank Killarney Gazette for the story. And thank you to all volunteers who joined us and signed letters. Every bit helps. Let’s keep going until Yulin is no more, and every cage is empty.”



Please watch Hong Kong Pig Save‘s video “The Remains.” “We shot this strong gentle animal in thier head indirectly when we paid for fresh or frozen meat.”
Welcome Delhi Animal Save. Find them on Facebook.

They held their first vigil on June 14. Activist Manuel Earthling reports: “This morning at 7 am, I went to the first Delhi Animal Save vigil. We visited the smaller local slaughterhouses; these are quite the standard in India. Take a picture of whether you can really justify that something like this happens because of you, for some taste. In Europe it looks similar, only that it usually takes place behind walls. Please inform yourself about veganism.”
Watch: Seoul Animal Save bearing witness to cows, pigs and chickens at their recent vigils.

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Welcome Shepparton Animal Save. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.
Their  first vigil is set for July 20: event page

In collaboration with Animal Liberation, Sydney Animal Save held a vigil for the chickens on June 13 outside the Cordina Farms slaughter plant. They report: “Thank you to the 26 people who came to bear witness to thousands of chickens on 4 packed trucks last night. So many first time attendees. Take a look in to these trucks and see what passes as ‘legal standard’ in Australia. This is the myth which is ‘clean meat’.”

Sydney Animal Save  also protested the circus on June 23: “62 people and 4 dogs got together to show Stardust Circus that we are growing in numbers and are becoming noisier. This was our biggest Circus protest yet.”



Welcome Zele Animal Save. Find them on Facebook.
Český Brod Animal Save is now Český Brod Pig Save. They report from their June 10 vigil: “This truck driver started mocking us and yelling that we only eat carrots, that we’re not normal, etc. One of our activists approached him to show him some photos of all the great vegan food we eat. He left smiling and laughing (in a positive way). This just shows, once again, that positive, calm attitude and peaceful approach towards farmers, slaughterhouse workers is much more effective than yelling back and insulting them.”
Pleas watch Ulm/Neu-Ulm Animal Save‘s video from their  May 24 vigil at Ulmer Fleisch slaughter plant, where 35,000 pigs and 2,500 cows are killed each week.
Welcome Venezia Fish Save. Find them on Facebook.
Hörby Animal Save held their first vigil on June 17 at the KLS Ugglarps slaughter plant. Please watch a they bear witness to cows.
Dorset Animal Save and Gloucestershire Animal Save joined Animal Justice Project and other organizations to hold a “Fishing Hurts” outreach campaign on June 8,  World Oceans Day. Seventeen events took place in the UK, and one in Portugal.

Sussex Animal Save represented The Save Movement at Brighton Vegan Summer Festival. They report: “Vegans and nonvegans were very receptive towards The Save Movement ethos and style of activism at Brighton Vegan Summer Festival. Many agreed how effective seeing ‘the face of your food’ would be when thinking twice about their food choices. We hope more vegans join us at future vigils or at their local chapter, to bear witness to those that needlessly suffer.”

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Pereira Animal Save held their 12th vigil on June 22. They saw in the cows “real sadness and pain that abound in their eyes and bodies, really bleak.”
Guayaquil Animal Save and Guayaquil Climate Save are part of this great report about the growth of veganism and animal rights activism in the city.
Vegan activists want to reeducate Guayaquil (Spanish)
Lima Animal Save bore witness on June 2 at the cow and pig slaughter plant in Lurin. They report: “‘Just two, just two minutes’ is the symbol that about 25 Lima activists do in front of the trucks. We stand at the slaughterhouse doors since two years ago, coming together at these places in order to give the animals a last goodbye and to show the world that all animals are someone and not something.”




Dear friends,Don’t turn away. Join us! Bear witness at our weekly vigils.

Chalktivism for the Amazon Rainforest – Toronto
July 7, 2019 at 2 – 5 PM – Co-sponsored by Worldwide Vegan Chalking – Toronto
Please join Toronto Climate Save, Toronto Vegan Chalking and Liberation TO for chalktivism and other actions on 7/7 (July 7) to raise awareness of the worst deforestation on record this past May 2019. The Brazilian government in conjunction with animal feed companies is turning the Amazon rainforests into meat burgers. The 7/7 action is part of a series of monthly actions the Climate Save Movement is planning on 8/8, 9/9, 10/10 and so forth. Please join us. We need you!
2-4: at Bay and Bloor outside the Brazilian consulate
4-5: at Avenue and Bloor in front of the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)
Chalking ideas:
Killing animals is killing the rainforest
Go vegan to reforest the earth
RSVP: Toronto
event page


Toronto Pig Save held a vigil on June 24 with special guests Laila & Zahra Kassam. Dr. Zahra Kassam is a radiation oncologist, as well as an assistant professor in the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Toronto. Zahra recently hosted the first Canadian Plant-Based Nutrition Conference in Toronto, to educate health professionals and the public on the scientific evidence on the benefits of whole food plant-based nutrition on human and planetary health. Laila Kassam is a co-founder of the Veterinary Vegan Network and a member of Animal Think Tank, a grassroots activist collective whose mission is to support the building of a powerful anti-speciesist mass movement for animal justice in the UK.
“Bearing witness is transformative and feels like an obligation for all of us to do but it’s only the first step. It’s the only way to truly understand. Unless you witnessed it how do you know? But bearing witness is only the beginning. Unless we all start taking strategic direct action the violence against other animals will never end.” Laila Kassam from Animal Think Tank and Dr. Zahra Kassam bear witness for the first time.
Laila reports from the vigil: “We bore witness for the first time today with the wonderful activists at Toronto Pig Save. I’ll be honest when I first heard about Save vigils I didn’t really understand their purpose or see how they would move us closer to animal liberation. But as my friend Dina Aherne told me, ‘Ever since I started to do vigils my conviction to help the animals has grown massively.’ Bearing witness today to the pigs being transported to Fearmans slaughterhouse to be gassed to death has had the beginning of that transformative impact on me. I will never forget the incomprehensible pain and suffering I witnessed today. The faces of the pigs, crammed together, dehydrated and gasping for water, some with vomit around their mouths, all sad, terrified and utterly undeserving of this unimaginable hell, will stay etched in my memory.”

Wear and post your activism
Wear a great message and look good! Visit our store at

At Vancouver Chicken Save‘s vigil with guests That Vegan Couple, this baby chicken suffers shortly before she is killed inside Hallmark “Poultry.” That Vegan Couple wrote: “‘I only eat chicken.’ SHE is your victim. HER body, not yours. HER life, not yours.”
Windsor-Detroit Farm Animal Save snuck in to get a closer view of sheep arriving to be killed at the slaughter plant. Watch as the scared animals are herded to their deaths.
Help Us Bring BeFairBeVegan to Toronto!
A huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Large or small, every dollar counts. On behalf of the animals, thank you so much, your support is greatly appreciated! We are at the 39% mark of our campaign goal and we really need your help to hit $20,000 or 40% of our target. Please share our campaign with your friends and family via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other social media! In fact, why not even send an email to all your contacts letting them know about the campaign and how impactful it will be!
Please watch and share: Two cows lay on the slaughter truck floor while arriving at St. Helens Meat Packers during a Toronto Cow Save vigil. They received loving touches

Veganuary is great for anyone to get started.



The Save Tour Latino Mexico 2019 joined Monterrey Animal Save on June 11 for a pig vigil at the Treviño slaughter and packing plant. Please watch.



Oahu Animal Save report from their vigil  for the cows on June 12: “We had an abundance of young activists at our latest vigil here on O’ahu; please enjoy the creative signs they all made Also, we have been making a flower memorial that trucks with animals have to drive across to enter the slaughterhouse.”
Watch and share Chicago Animal Save‘s video from their vigil for the pigs: “Trucks come at night to hide the lives they’ll slaughter later this morning. Share their stories by exposing the truth.”
Las Vegas Animal Save bore witness to chickens and ducks going to their deaths at Highland “Poultry” and sent this report: “If you have ever been timid about bearing witness, we invite you to look at just a few moments where a community comes together in solidarity for the animals while supporting one another. 10 screenshots taken of the community of whom bears witness to innocent animals currently trapped in a cycle of violence, simply because they are not human.”

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