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The Save Movement – International Community Meeting
The Save Movement – International Community Meeting was a conference, three days of family gatherings, inspiring workshops, speeches and a vigil.
Co-organizer Lenna Elle expressed her gratitude:
“A big and wholehearted THANK YOU to all of you!
Every single one of you made these three days of community building, sharing and caring such a great success! Our shared memories and new friendships will nourish our hearts for a long time, that’s for sure…
You touched our hearts by being you.
You stimulated our thoughts and inspiration to help the animals in different forms and ways.
We all have so much in common, it was beautiful to be reminded of that and also feel it in every cell of our bodies, that all differences aside, we share soooo much. <3 “
Thank you, Martin Smedjeback, for the photos and videos.
Please watch and share:James Hoot talks about “Things I want to tell my non-vegan friends” – at a vigil with Berlin Animal Save.
“Why we bear witness,” with Nysh De, an organiser with Berlin Animal Save and co-organizer of the International Community Meeting.





For full Save Movement media overage, please go to The Save Movement: Media.

In Argentina, Chivilcoy Animal Save held their first vigil on September 24. Please watch:
The vigil received news coverage (Spanish language):
La Razón newspaper: Group of animal defenders spoke out against the killing of animals at the Chivilcoy slaughter plant

In Canada, Okanagan Animal Save‘s September 11 night vigil drew news media coverage, including video: Okanagan activists stage bold demonstration


In the USA, Pittsburgh Animal Save is in the news! They held a 12-hour vigil outside Nicholas ‘Meats’ on October 1st:
The Express newspaper: Animal rights group plans ‘vigil for cows’Please watch live video from early in the vigil:





The Save Movement will be at several upcoming vegan festival dates over the Autumn/Winter season. If you want to find out more about attending vigils or starting your own Save group, then come visit our stalls for a chat; or attend one of the talks we will be giving on the power of bearing witness.
Be vegan, bear witness and be active.





The Italy organizing tour with organizers Christina, Adnan, Karol and Simone has wrapped up. New groups continue to form!

Please watch Christina & Adnan’s video about the tour:
We made a small video about our Italy tour, and the downer we met at our last vigil in Italy. Please watch and share with non-vegans and vegetarians. We will not let her suffering be in vain.”


Milano Animal Save held their first vigil on September 27 at the INALCA slaughter plant.
“Hundreds of animals that have never known a gesture of affection and empathy in their short lives.
A caress, a gesture of love and asking them forgiveness for what still happens to their sisters and brothers is not a useless gesture.
Documenting and telling their stories is not useless.
Every cow we apologized to had a unique personality and their own story.
We weren’t allowed to save them but we can change the fate of those who will come.


If you would like to bear witness but don’t have Save vigils near you, consider starting a group.
Email us at or check out for info on how to get started!
We will help you every step of the way.


Melbourne Cow Save bore witness to cows at the Royal Melbourne Show 2018.
“Did you know there is a judging competition at the Show called the ‘Borthwick Trophy’?
And the grand prize is a trip to the Slaughterhouse.
I wish I was joking. The ‘winner’ is sent to JBS Slaughterhouse in Brooklyn.
Each innocent soul is rung through their nose and led around the ring while they are judged and things are said over the microphone to the audience like ‘I really admire this steer for his carcasse’ and ‘There’s not enough scotch fillet on this one’.
This is part of the meat industry and YOU have that choice not to contribute to any more of this violence and suffering and pain.
They don’t deserve this. Choose kindness and not cruelty.”



All Day Vigil – Anniversary of Pig Truck Rollover
Please join us for an all day vigil in memory of the pigs lost in the tragic accident that struck Burlington, Ontario when a pig truck rolled over outside Fearmans Pork Slaughterhouse on October 5th 2016.
The truck was full of baby pigs arriving to be murdered. A few dozen were killed and injured in the crash. Several broke out and experienced freedom for a few minutes before being corralled and executed by the slaughterhouse. The ones that were trapped inside the truck were beaten by workers in order to move them by foot towards the kill floor. They were marched across the parking lot to the gas chamber.
Two pigs became an iconic symbol of the day, Bonnie and Clyde. They are pictured in our avatar. Both lay injured in the grass for hours. One eventually struggled to his feet and came to give comfort to the other before being cajoled to the kill floor. The other who was too injured to move, despite our pleas for compassion and offer of sanctuary at the Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary was shot in the head right in front of us by Fearmans workers.
During this event we honour the victims and we oppose the abhorrent and unnecessary cruelty that is the animal agriculture industry.
Food will be provided around 5:00pm. More details to come.October 5, 10 am – 7 pm, Fearmans Pork, 821 Appleby Line, Burlington, Ontario
RSVP: event page
Toronto Pig Save’s All-Day Vigils with Simpsons Animation Designer Dale Hendrickson
Dale Hendrickson joined us for 2 days of vigils around the Toronto area on September 27-28.
He and his partner, Pam – who manages the page I am Cecil Too, live in L.A., are ethical vegans, and are outspoken voices for animals. Dale has generously taken time from work to join us in Toronto to draw attention to animals at local slaughterhouses who desperately need us. Thank you so much, Dale and Pam.Please watch: activists give the pigs love and water.
peta2 Student representatives joined Toronto Pig Save outside Fearmans slaughter plant on September 30.
Thank you Marissa Price and peta2 for joining our vigil this morning. There is so much hope for the future of animal liberation when meeting so many compassionate, young activists willing to work hard for it.


Save Movement Medellín has a loud and clear message for the world from their September 26 vigil:
“Help put an end to this unnecessary violence. Join us at a vigil!”
Activists managed to remove the muzzle off one of the calves. Desperately, the little one latches on to his mother’s teat, surely the last time he will see her …
Save Movement Costa Rica bore witness to pigs on September 23 at the GICO slaughter plant.
“These 6-month-old babies had a price put on them; these living beings who feel fear, thirst, hunger and a desire to escape, are enslaved and sold for their muscles, veins and organs, since there is still a demand, since not yet all humans have made the transition to veganism.
This was the first and last time these living beings received love and compassion.”
Aarhus Cow Save witnessed cows coming in to be killed, including a “downer” cow, at their September 25 vigil. They report:
“The cow was slaughtered in the truck as she was unable to enter the slaughterhouse. Such cows are called downers. They are simply too exhausted to rise after a short but hard life complete with a long transport journey to the slaughterhouse.
Stop supporting industries that exploit and kill animals! Choose vegan! For the climate, the animals and yourself.”


Hong Kong Pig Save report from their September 23 vigil:
“The glaring sunshine of September landed directly on our heads and the ground. More than twenty of us waited under the heat for 15 minutes, and the pig trucks finally arrived. Many pigs on the trucks had their eyes half-closed, looking exhausted, others crammed themselves together to comfort each other.
A few of them placed their front legs against the wooden gate, trying so desperately to push their bodies up and squeeze their heads through the bars. In the midst of their struggle, the truck engine started again and it sped off into the abattoir, the place of despair.
Though it is heartbreaking to know that we will never meet again, bearing witness motivates us to keep going — at least people are given a chance to see the truth and make their informed choice. Thank you all who participated in the vigil. You are their hope.”
Welcome Bologna Animal Save. Find them on Facebook.
Welcome Napoli Animal Save. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.


Welcome Queenstown Animal Save. Find them on Facebook.
Metro Manila Animal Save report from their September 29 vigil:
“Giving light in the darkness and Love for the victims. The least that we can do to stop this injustice is going vegan!
Join us on our weekly vigils — vegans and nonvegans are welcome to bear witness.”
Lisbon Animal Save held a 3-day vigil on September 23-25 outside the CASO slaughter plant, which kills between 1,700 and 2,000 pigs daily. Please watch:

Novi Sad Animal Save bore witness to cows and pigs during their very first vigil on September 28 at the Matijevic slaughter plant:

Welcome Bilbao Animal Save. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.
Welcome Santander Animal Save. Find them on Facebook.

Pleae watch: Save Movement Madrid from their September 27 vigil:
“Milk and dairy products kill. These cows have arrived this morning at the slaughterhouse in Villalba after a lifetime exploited for their milk, artificially raped to have them produce calves (who are also killed for consumption) and milked to the limit of their strength. Veganism is the only option for stopping all this.”

Zaandam Animal Save held their first vigil on September 26 at the Yakhlaf slaughter plant. Please watch:
Doncaster Animal Save, Hull Pig Save, Sheffield Animal Save, York Animal Save and West Yorkshire Save held a joint vigil on September 24 at John Penny & Sons, a slaughter plant that takes cows, pigs and sheep, and has recently had planning approved to increase its capacity. West Yorkshire Save report:
“When you arrive at John Penny & Sons, there isn’t much to let you know that it’s a slaughterhouse. Set back from the busy main road and concealed by a large billboard, the place is hidden in plain sight. Only a small sign gives any indication. Most people drive or cycle past never knowing what takes place there.
This morning, as part of The Great Yorkshire Vigils, we stood with placards to raise awareness and took what opportunities we could to bear witness to the cows, pigs and sheep arriving there on their final journey.
A big thank you to everyone who was able to make it today “
Ballymena Chicken Save held their first vigil on September 29. They report:
“This morning 29 of us gathered outside Moy Park slaughter plant to bear witness to the thousands of birds slaughtered here daily.
Each morning, noon and night trucks crammed with birds are driven in to the grounds where they are taken off via forklift truck and loaded in to await their turn to die.
Moy Park know that most people are inherently kind and compassionate and if they knew the truth they’d be horrified so they try and stop the truth from getting out and part of this is stopping deliveries (of live chickens) while we are there.
Even though we didn’t get to have any trucks stop for us, we did cause the passers by to discuss what we were doing and possibly consider their choices.”
Welcome Greenville SC Animal Save. Find them on Facebook.
Welcome Tucson Animal Save. Find them on Facebook.

Their first vigil is set for October 6: event page

Pittsburgh Animal Save is in the news! They’re holding a 12-hour vigil outside Nicholas ‘Meats’ on October 1st:
The Express newspaper: Animal rights group plans ‘vigil for cows’Please watch live video from early in the vigil:
Many groups have been able to establish an agreement with each slaughterhouse, allowing them to peacefully bear witness to the pigs for 2 minutes or more. However, some drivers are more reluctant to allow the world to witness the victims that they are sending to their deaths.
Please watch: When these peaceful activists from Fort Wayne Animal Save attempt to comfort hundreds of terrified animals moments before they’re slaughtered, they find themselves confronted by the angry truck driver clutching onto a hammer.
Also, in a different incident, a truck driver destroys road signs: FB video
Des Moines Animal Save is now DSM Animal Save. They report from their September 26 vigil for the pigs at Pine Ridge Farms Packing slaughter plant:
“Bear witness. Thank you to the activists that stood outside pine ridge this morning and sent a little peace to the pigs in their final moments. As difficult as it is to bear, we must not turn away from their suffering.”


Climate Vegan‘s core message is: Help save the planet by going vegan and becoming active.

The End of Meat is in the official selection for the Another Way Film Festival in Madrid, Spain (Screening on Oct 7th). Meanwhile the main screening at Raindance Film Festival in London, UK is sold out, but we have a second screening on Oct 4th @ 3pm.

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Life’s pretty awesome when you have love, sunshine, and bananas! 🏻
If only all animals were free to live and enjoy life.
You can help by going vegan and fighting until all are free.

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Toronto Pig Save started in December 2010, with a promise to the pigs of doing a minimum of three vigils and vegan outreach events each week, all year round. We bear witness as a community of pigs, cows, chickens and other farmed animal victims in slaughterhouse trucks. The animals want us to be present and, with the most pleading eyes, ask for our help when we see them through the portholes of transport trucks. Just as if we were in those horrid trucks, we would want the whole community to be there fighting for our freedom, liberation, rights, and equality. In a way, we are there. All life is one and, “when (wo)men wish to harm others, they really do evil to themselves,” Leo Tolstoy said in his animal rights story “Esarhaddon, King of Assyria”. It’s our positive duty and obligation to act in the present to try to stop the most egregious injustices before us.

“When the suffering of another creature causes you to feel pain, do not submit to the initial desire to flee from the suffering one, but on the contrary, come closer, as close as you can to her who suffers, and try to help her.” – Leo Tolstoy
In seven years, The Save Movement has grown to 500+ Save groups around the world. Our dream is to have regular vigils at every slaughter plant worldwide. We regularly give seed money to new Save groups and require funds for literature, posters, subway ad campaigns ( and vegan outreach events.
Make animal liberation your priority in life! Think of 10 kind things you can do each day and encourage your friends to do the same! Join us and participate in our weekly vigils, start a Save group in your community, and be a regular donor.


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