• Wake Up World activities … Animal Save groups will have Wake Up World activities every 4 months where people bring a non-vegan or non-activist to a vigil; Climate Save groups can do the same and aim to bring out people who are not climate activists. These will happen at the end of December, the end of April, and the end of August each year. The April ones will coincide with Earth Day.
• Do beach cleanups, which can be adapted to local contexts and geography (riverbank cleanup, forest trail cleanup). They can also lead up to film screenings.
• Movie screenings: Cowspiracy; Sea of Life; Chasing Coral; and A Plastic Ocean if there is a series of films, but not on its own because it doesn’t focus on animal agriculture.
• Plan a campaign or activities for Earth Day.
• Get a booth at local environmental, peace, social justice, and zero-waste fairs.
• Ask to speak at local environmental, peace, social justice, and zero-waste fairs.
• Sell climate-related shirts and buttons and things at local fairs and VegFests.
• Put up billboards.
• Use social media.
• Contact newspapers, radio and television stations about special events that you’re having.
• List your events in local online activity listings.
• Organize tours.
• Organize or help organize a climate march locally.
• Organize or help organize a climate march globally with other Climate Save groups and other climate groups.
• Contact and collaborate with other local environment or social justice groups.
• Contact school boards or local institutions about screening films.
• Create an interactive board with questions on climate change and its link to animal agriculture as an education tool to draw people — can sbe made digitally as well. The questions can be multiple choice, with the answers and more relevant information hidden until participants make a guess. ***pictures of this ***
• Try chalktivism: a fun way to spread the vegan climate message to passersby and kids in the streets. It will bring kids over, and they can chalk too while activists talk to their parents.*** picture of this ***
• Use VegFund, a U.S.-based fund that provides money to raise awareness about veganism through food tastings. They especially suggest that you serve samples of mock cheese, meat, and milks. See specific requirements such as: giving out pamphlets; taking pictures; and showing receipts as proof.
• Vegfund also sometimes pays for film screening venues, but only for certain films, and they only pay a limited amount for each venue.
• Start Climate Save groups in local high schools — the students could meet up with other school groups in their area, and eventually meet up online with other schools around the world.
• Organize sit-ins at local government offices.

• Virtual Reality using “This Is Climate Change” series from Condition One. This is available on various devices through the Within app


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