Take Action to Help Regan Russell

An activist was killed fighting for animal justice.

Take action to help Regan Russell and other animal activists gain justice by calling/emailing:

Justice for Regan Fundraiser



  1. Ask the Prime Minister, Premier and your local politician to make a statement on Regan Russell and the right of activists to protest in safety.
  2. Enact a Regan’s law that guarantees the right to bear witness (repeal Ontario Bill 156).
  3. Demand governments stop subsidizing animal agriculture and switch the subsidies to farmers and companies going plant based.
  4. Charges should be laid against the truck driver and Brussels Trucking company. Brussels operating license should be revoked.
  5. There should be a public inquiry that looks at the systemic problems that enabled dangerous driving: how Fearmans slaughterhouse and the trucking companies created a culture of violence and how the police did not enforce the law against reckless and dangerous driving.
  6. There needs to be safety agreements so activists can safely bear witness.
  7. Fearmans is killing pigs, the planet, people by increasing preventable diseases, workers and activists. We demand Fearmans switch to a plant based food company.

In hounour of Regan, please sign Animal Justice’s petition to repeal ag gag laws & protect farmed animals.