Stop Animal Gifting

The Stop Animal Gifting campaign aims to encourage people to stop gifting animals and instead gift compassionate, plant-based alternatives. We want to encourage development organizations and aid charities to implement plant-based projects to help alleviate poverty and tackle the climate, ocean and biodiversity crisis.

What is the problem with “Animal Gifting”?

You could be gifting a bird flu outbreak, diabetes, heart disease, a slaughterhouse, childhood trauma, a climate crisis and a forest fire. In addition to the massive number of animals who suffer in animal farms and slaughterhouses,  your gift could lead to the burning of forests for the expansion of animal agriculture, as well as an increased consumption of animal fat leading to significant health issues, such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

What are the solutions?

Gift plant-based solutions, such as a tree, a fruit orchard, seeds for vegetable gardens, a community garden and water irrigation. Additional produce can be used to sell at market bringing a household income to cover school fees and healthcare and overcome poverty. A number of nonprofits have developed plant-based development projects, including A Well Fed World, Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, and Lemon Tree Trust.

  • A Well Fed World fund starter equipment to build vegan bakeries and mushroom gardens. They provide school meals, plant fruit trees for food and reforestation, and provide quality seeds for impoverished communities.
  • The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is dedicated to planting fruit, nut and medicinal trees to alleviate world hunger, combat climate crisis, strengthen communities and improve the air, water and soil. They donate orchards and give trainings.
  • The Lemon Tree Trust helps create community gardens for refugees. You can send a donation or post them seeds.

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