Stop AM 171 & Plant-Based Censorship

The European Parliament recently voted in favour of Amendment 171, which calls for the censorship of the plant-based dairy alternatives sector.

This amendment looks to ban:

    1. ‘evocations’ of dairy products on plant-based packaging or in advertising (like pouring a cappuccino with almond milk)
    2. phrases like “dairy free” “free from milk” “milk free” or “creamy” on packaging or in advertising
    3. the use of cartons and yogurt pots for plant-based dairy alternatives
    4. comparisons of the environmental footprint of dairy and plant-based alternatives on packaging or in advertising

Now that Members of the European Parliament have voted in favour of Amendment 171, it is down to the Member States together with the European Commission to pass the amendment. The decision will be made in April 2021 so we must act fast.

AM 171 Explained:

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Contact the EU Council:

Please email the EU council and ask them to reject Amendment 171. There is a template provided but feel free to adapt it or write your own.

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