Memorandum of Understanding

The Save Movement uses the strategy of bearing witness to animals in their final moments as they approach slaughterhouses, live markets and auctions. We use a love-based community-organizing approach based on non violence, love and truth as informed by Leo Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi. We advocate veganism and activism, namely the idea that everyone has the duty to bear witness. We also have a zero tolerance approach to animal exploitation.

It is important that all groups affiliated with the Save group follow these guiding principles and operate under a code of conduct as set out below. It is also crucial that key organizers of each location adhere to these principles in interactions both on social media and in person with other vegans, vigil attendees, police, security, slaughterhouse workers and all members of the public.


Code of Conduct

Our aims are to show love and compassion to animals in their final moments and raise awareness of their wrongful and unnecessary suffering and exploitation.
This code of conduct aims to give clear guidelines to vigil attendees.

The Save Movement (TSM) wants to ensure:

  1. A welcoming, peaceful and safe environment for all those who attend.
  2. No increase of anxiety or stress to the animals to whom we bear witness.
  3. The principles of TSM are upheld.

When attending vigils, please adhere to the following:

  1. At all times be mindful to keep a safe distance from the trucks when they are in motion, especially when they are turning.
  2. Listen to, and respect the instructions of any TSM marshals who are there to ensure the safety of vigil attendees.
  3. Respect the boundaries of any coned areas implemented by TSM to ensure safety.
  4. Refrain from any violent, loud or threatening behaviour either verbal or physical towards slaughterhouse workers, security, police or truck drivers and members of the public.
  5. Minimize loud noises or shouting in the presence of animals so as not to heighten their anxiety or stress. Do not use megaphones in close proximity to trucks. Approach them slowly with love and respect.
  6. Respect other vigil attendees. We are all there for the animals and to build the animal rights community.
  7. Non compliance of the above or disrespectful behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated and we may ask individuals persistently violating the principles to leave the vigil. *

Attending vigils can be an incredibly emotive and cathartic experience. These guidelines are not designed to limit personal expression. However, safety and respect for both the animals and each other is a key priority. *Please note we accept that from time to time breeches of these guidelines may occur. The important thing is to always be striving towards upholding these ideal principles at all times. It is the duty and responsibility of all those who attend to ensure a safe and peaceful vigil experience for the group as a whole. If you feel someone is not adhering to these guidelines, please inform a TSM marshal or email
Above all, stay safe, stay mindful, and stay committed to those who need us to hear their voice.


Vigil Organizers

The Save Movement operates under a grassroots, love-based community organising approach. No one person is in charge as in a hierarchy, rather we have a team of leaders. Every action we take is on behalf of the animals and building an animal rights community. It is key for all organizers to accept and embrace this philosophy. Personal ego must be set aside. Be mindful that during all interactions, on social media, email and in person, you are a representative of TSM.

TSM organizers and activists must accept this concept and adhere to the following:

  1. Welcome and encourage members expressing a desire to take a more active role and nurture leadership in others.
  2. Refrain from posting inflammatory content on social media. Please do not post negative comments about any individual or group. Rather we strive to be role models in the approach we pursue.
  3. Be mindful of our love based approach at all times. Do not use overly negative, offensive or hateful adjectives when corresponding with others.
  4. Absolutely do not engage in personal feuds or conflicts with other organizers, activists or members of the public in person or on social media. We want The Save Movement to be a unifying and mobilizing force.
  5. Please set aside any personal differences with other members whilst conducting any TSM activity including but not limited to attending or organizing vigils.
  6. We advocate veganism and animal rights as an imperative. We do however address animal welfare if violations are spotted. Please report any incidents to the appropriate agency in order to put a spotlight on the industry.
  7. Avoid being overly critical of other groups for their approach, e.g., PETA, Mercy For Animals, etc. All styles of activism have a place and may be effective to different personalities.
  8. Do not block people on social media or delete comments that raise objections or differing points of view. Only offensive, hate speech or repetitive negativity should be deleted.
  9. Work as a team, make joint, not unilateral decisions. Listen and consider all points of view.
  10. Please do not make vigils private events. We want to encourage as many people as possible to attend.
  11. Create events under the relevant Save Movement page, not on personal accounts.
  12. Respond to negativity with positivity, love for hate.
  13. Offer compassion and support to anyone in the group experiencing trauma or being emotionally overwhelmed at the vigil.
  14. Be mindful at all times that we are organizing for and on behalf of the animals and to build an animal rights community.
  15. Please ensure vigils and all events hosted under The Save Movement are alcohol free.
  16. Tag @thesavemovement on social media posts for sharing purposes.


Recommended reading:

Gandhi, Autobiography or My Experiments with Truth

Tolstoy, A Calendar of Wisdom

Tolstoy, The Kingdom of God is Within You

Ansbro, Nonviolent strategies and tactics for social change

King, Stride Towards Freedom


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