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Slaughterhouse LOCKDOWN to Honour Regan Russell

September 14, 2020


On July 18th, over 100 activists gathered and occupied Wiesenhof slaughterhouse in Niederlehme near Berlin.⠀

While some activists took to the roof and dropped banners, others locked on at the gates.⠀

Over 160,000 chickens are killed at this slaughterhouse every day, and despite a coronavirus outbreak among its personnel, the slaughterhouse remained in operation. ⁠⠀

Killing animals is killing us.⁠ And we demand justice.⁠

The action was dedicated to Regan Russell who died June 19th, 2020. Regan was struck and killed by a transport truck carrying pigs to their death outside a Toronto area slaughterhouse.

Rest in power Regan!

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