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Regan Russell: Killed for Compassion

September 10, 2020


On June 19th, 2020, animal liberation activist Regan Russell was struck by an animal transport truck and violently killed during a peaceful vigil outside of Fearmans slaughterhouse, Ontario.

On one of the hottest days of the year, and just two days after ‘Ag-gag’ Bill 156 was passed, she had been trying to give water to dehydrated pigs — a single act of kindness before they were sent to their death.

Without warning, the driver of the lorry revved his engine and knocked Regan to the ground, cutting her body in half as she was dragged 30 meters.

This special tribute introduces you to the life of Regan, and gives insight into her dedication to animal liberation—featuring inspirational footage of the actions she took.

Her legacy of love and compassion lives on. Up to her very last breath, she tried to expose the injustices that animals endure at our hands, and her story should be heard around the world.

May she rest in power!

Created by Varun Virlan from Liberation Hour

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