Animal Save Movement Programs

1. Animal Vigils and Rescues

Animal Save Movement has a network of more than 300 chapters around the world in more than two dozen countries that invite non-vegans to join their regular animal vigils at the front gates of slaughterhouses. Through initiatives such as vegan voucher giveaways, special all-day vigils, media coverage and viral videos reaching millions, new people join the transformative animal vigils and come face to face with farmed animal victims moments before their violent deaths, and, for many, this leads to on-the-spot diet change. For example, all-day vigils in Toronto and Los Angeles have attracted up to 400 people, most of them joining for the first time, due to the attendance of celebrities and social media influencers, vegan food giveaways, vegan outreach, training workshops and music. 

ASM activists often find themselves in positions to rescue and liberate exploited animals from the slaughterhouse vigils they organize or attend. Some chapters are able to build ongoing relationships with slaughterhouse staff, allowing activists to negotiate consistent rescues from the facilities and save many lives. These viral videos of the rescues and the animals in their new sanctuary home inspire people to become vegan. Through our sanctuary takeovers, which are often live-streamed and reach thousands of people, we are able to show the individuality of farmed animals and help people appreciate them for who they are.

2. Vegan Outreach and Save Squares

A Save Square is a form of vegan outreach that involves participants standing in public places and holding screens that show videos of the truth of the animal agriculture industry and/or the climate emergency. Other activists then take the opportunity to talk to members of the public who are curious and stop to view the footage. This very powerful outreach tool has converted bystanders to veganism, according to reports from chapters in their reviews and grant applications. We are developing a Virtual Reality experience for outreach, and we want to be able to supply headsets, props and banners to chapters around the world. Vegan food giveaways often accompany our vegan outreach programs so people can experience new delicious and nutritious plant-based foods, and break down any misconceptions they may hold.

3. Training

We hold regular safety training to keep everyone safe, help build community and help reinforce our values of looking after each other. We also hold frequent digital media training and mass media training to ensure the powerful footage we capture during animal vigils reaches millions of people in the mainstream audience.

You can make a difference...

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