Press Release September 3, 2021

Pig vigils return to controversial slaughterhouse after the pandemic shutdown.

Campaigners urge animal lovers to end misery for pigs by adopting a vegan lifestyle

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On 26th August, 15 campaigners, some of whom had traveled as far as Evesham returned to Cheale Meats slaughterhouse for the first time since the pandemic to hold a vigil for pigs arriving for slaughter. 

Police officers who arrived on the scene stopped each truck on arrival for 2 minutes in order for Essex Pig Save to document the conditions and suffering of 1000 pigs in 10 trucks who were panting and foaming at the mouth due to hot temperature. 

Campaigners who were concerned for the safety of the pigs were not permitted to offer water to the thirsty animals.

Animal Save Movement UK Liasion Andrew Garner, who was in attendance says, “ Many of the pigs looked scared and confused. Some came close to us seeking affection and a stroke just like our dogs at home. I saw one pig with a tumor on the side of his face. He will be likely killed and put in the bin not being able to go into the food chain instead of being offered a loving home on a sanctuary.” 

Back in 2012 Cheale Meats was embroiled in controversy when campaign group Animal Aid investigated the slaughterhouse and documented extreme levels of abuse. Workers were filmed beating pigs 100 times in less than a minute and stubbing cigarettes in their faces. 

Kim Joyce from Essex Pig Save says, “The haunting screams of the pigs entering the slaughterhouse will stick with us for eternity. Pigs are individuals, not property and deserve to live free from the horrors of the violent slaughterhouse. We urge animal lovers up and down the country to vote with their forks and adopt a vegan lifestyle to end this misery.”

The pig vigil was warmly received, with many locals driving past beeping their horns and waving in support. Activists held placards saying, Why love one, but eat the other? Go vegan’ 


Essex Pig Save are part of a global network of antispeciest activists from Animal Save Movement who bear witness to animal suffering and injustice at the gates of slaughterhouses. With 16 active chapters in the UK, they are working to end animal agriculture and create a just world for all animals.

Cheale Meats is located at, Orchard Farm, Little Warley Hall Lane, Little Warley, West Horndon, Brentwood CM13 3EN

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