Press Release June 19, 2021

‘Ollerton 11’ piglet named after slain activist Regan Russell on anniversary of her death

Media Contacts: Anita Krajnc: Co-founder Toronto Pig Save
Phone: 1-416-825-6080
Media: One Voice, For Regan direct download, One Voice for Regan graphics

Today marks the one year anniversary of the killing of Regan Russell. On June 19, 2020 Regan Russell, 65  was struck and killed by a pig slaughterhouse truck at Fearmans Slaughterhouse during a Toronto Pig Save vigil. She was there to protest Bill 156.  

The Ollerton 11 hit UK headlines week, after a pregnant pig named Matilda escaped from a factory farm in Nottinghamshire. Matilda’s motherly instincts kicked in and she gave birth to 10 piglets in nearby woodland. 

The farm reluctantly agreed to hand over the family and spare them the horrors of slaughter on condition a planned protest was called off. More than 6,000 people also signed a petition demanding Brinsley Animal Rescue be allowed to save the pigs.

In a Facebook post Brinsley Animal Rescue said: “The first piglet to be named is now Regan, in memory of the brave Regan Russel, she tragically died a year today, whilst protesting at a pig slaughterhouse.

Worldwide Vigils

The death of Regan Russell has sent ripples across the globe with over 60 vigils planned worldwide in memory. A list of participating chapters is available on our website.

At Fearmans slaughterhouse today where Regan was struck and killed by a slaughterhouse truck on June 19th, 2020, management have ignored pleas for the release of a pig in Regan’s memory. Slaughterhouse truck drivers are also refusing to stop to allow activists two minutes to bear witness and show comfort to pigs arriving for slaughter.

Music Video Release 

Today saw the release of One Voice, for Regan by singer songwriter Barbara Helen and Earthlings director Shaun Monson. 

It features archive footage of Regan Russell at animal vigils and protests. Lyrics include, ‘Where there was darkness you were the light, shining so strong and shining so bright. We will keep fighting and your memory will go on and on.’