plant based dairy alternatives

Plant-Based Dairy Alternatives

February 28, 2021


There is an exploding market now for plant-based dairy alternative products as more people steer away from consuming animal milks. Here are some wonderful vegan alternatives that are now readily available in almost every grocery store. Not only are they healthier than dairy products since they are devoid of animal hormones and antibiotics, but you’re also showing compassion to animals with every sip and bite!

Milk Alternatives

Made commonly from soybeans, nuts such as almond, cashew and coconut, these great-tasting milk alternatives make a wonderful drink and can be used to replace the animal milks used in cereals, baking and cooking.

Cheese Alternatives

These creamy plant-based cheeses come in all forms and consistencies to suit your tastes. Whether it's slices for crackers or shreds for melting on pizzas. these ingenious companies have you covered!

Butter Alternatives

Try out these butter alternatives for baking or melting over your popcorn! They are perfect for replacing any animal butters found in your favorite recipes.

Ice Cream Alternatives

Who doesn't like to indulge in sweets once in a while, especially our nation's favorite icy dessert? The animal milk versions are extremely high in saturated fats, making it one of the most unhealthy sugary sweets. These plant-based options are still high in sugar but much lower in unhealthy fats and are must-tries!


A popular breakfast item, yogurts are made from fermented milk and many people do not know that plant-based milks can also be fermented to have healthy probiotics inside.

Written by Animal Save Movement