We Bring The Solutions

Informed by Leo Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi, we are working to replace the oppressive animal agriculture industry with an accessible, healthy, plant-based food system and reverse catastrophic climate chaos.

Our Demands

  1. Stop Killing Animals and Close All Slaughterhouses

    We demand an end to animal agriculture and the closure of all slaughterhouses.

  2. Tell The Truth About Existential Threat Posed by Animal Agriculture

    Governments, corporations and communities must acknowledge the leading role of animal agriculture in animal suffering and exploitation, climate chaos and public health crises. They must communicate a plant-based food system along with the reforestation of the earth as essential parts of the solution.

  3. Provide Healthy Vegan Food for Everyone

    Access to a whole-foods vegan diet must be granted by governments for the benefit of health and to prevent disease. We demand the community, government, and the private sector make healthy vegan foods available and affordable everywhere.

  4. We Demand Individual and System Change

    As individuals we have a moral responsibility to bear witness to suffering and exploited animals and embrace vegan diet change to stop animal exploitation, climate change and improve health. At the systems level, we need policy change. Governments, corporations and other institutions must defund animal agriculture and direct investments and subsidies to an innovative plant-based food system. Recognizing the ethical imperative, the urgency reflected in climate science and the building of necessary street actions and majority public opinion, governments must take bold leadership and legislatively ban animal agriculture as soon as possible. Concomitantly we must reforest the land to absorb the excessive carbon out of the global atmosphere, increase biodiversity and provide safety and sanctuary for wildlife, provide clean water, provide livelihoods for local people and reduce stress and improve the wellbeing for all.

You can make a difference...

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