Our Demands

Through our four chapters we are working to create a nonviolent, eco-vegan society that is fair for all.


  1. Close All Slaughterhouses

    Animal Save Movement and Slaughter Free Cities are not calling for better slaughterhouses; we demand they are closed. Everyone must adhere to their duty to bear witness and change the cultural norm so that looking away is socially unacceptable and coming close and trying to help is the moral imperative.

  2. Tell The Truth About Animal Agriculture

    Governments, corporations, and communities must acknowledge animal agriculture as the leading contributor to climate chaos, deforestation, mass extinction, ocean dead zones, water use, pollution, and numerous environmental tipping points. They must end the unspeakable exploitation and suffering of farmed animals, wildlife, and climate refugees. They must communicate the urgency for change, and how a plant based food system and reforestation of the earth is a necessary part of the solution.

  3. Provide Healthy Vegan Food For Everyone

    Access to a whole-foods vegan diet must be granted by governments for the benefit of health and to prevent disease. We demand the community, government, and the private sector make healthy vegan foods available and affordable everywhere. Schools, restaurants, hospitals, and other institutions need to veganize their menus to facilitate this food system change; not just for the animals and the climate, but also for the health of school children and society.

  4. We Demand Individual and System Change

    Individuals, governments, corporations and other institutions must end animal agriculture and fishing by 2030 and transition to a just, vegan food system and reforest the Earth.

    Animal agriculture must be defunded so that investment and subsidies can be directed towards innovative plant based food systems.

    We are working towards creating a support system for slaughterhouse workers and animal farmers as workers change their job or their business to organic plant based farming. This is fundamental for the growth of the animal and climate justice movements and for the social revolution we so much need.



Change takes times, so we must act now and boldly if we are to achieve a fair and just eco-vegan society for all.

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