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Nicola Harris is a communications director at Animal Save Movement. She writes internal communications, blogs and copy for the website. Nicola became a vegan activist and Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) campaigner in 2002. When she took on the role of communications in 2007 she became a victim of state repression and alongside other campaigners received a prison sentence for her activism under controversial and undemocratic legislation targeting freedom of expression. She is currently a core participant in a UK Government inquiry into the policing of protests and listed in the miscarriage of justice category.

5 Facts Everyone Needs to Know About Keeping the Earth and Yourself Healthy

Author: Anita Krajnc & Nicola Harris, illustrated by Gerrah Selby. We care so much about animals and recognize the unit of survival is organism plus environment1. As animal rights activists we very much need to protect the planet for farmed animals ...
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Plant-based Foods Under Attack in the EU

Author: Nicola Harris.  The EU already has some of the strictest food labelling rules in the world. Terms such as “vegan cheese” and “oat milk” have already been banned from packaging and advertising, but a new amendment due to be ...
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The Peoples’ Climate Vote

Author: Anita Krajnc & Nicola Harris, illustrated by Gerrah Selby. Over two billion people recognize the need to promote plant-based diets as an important climate policy in world’s largest ever public poll With 1.2 million respondents, The Peoples’ Climate Vote is ...
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The World’s First Vegan Hospital Menu

Author: Nicola Harris.  The Hayek Hospital located in Beirut, Lebanon has become the first in the world to offer its patients a 100 percent vegan menu. The decision came after hospital co-owner and founder of Lebanese Vegans, Georges Hayek, decided ...
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calf rescue Germany

2 Calves Liberated from Dairy Farm in Rostock, Germany

Author: Nicola Harris.  When organizers from Rostock Animal Save heard about two bull calves with pneumonia on a dairy farm in Mecklenburg Vorpommern they set out on a rescue mission to save their lives. Snatched from their mothers at birth, ...
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A Heartwarming Tale of Liberation

with Regan The Chicken & Istanbul Animal Save.  Author: Nicola Harris.  Animal vigils can have life changing consequences, not only for those who bear witness but for the animal victims and wider community around us. When three activists from Istanbul ...
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The Gruesome Global Horse Blood Trade

Photo by @vidastraslosmuros Author: Nicola Harris.  Europe & South America’s Sickening Secret: Crammed into restraint pens and ­repeatedly forced into pregnancy, tens of thousands of horses have their blood extracted on obscene vampire farms in Argentina and Uruguay in what ...
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7 Inspiring Activists Killed by The Animal Agriculture Industry

Author: Nicola Harris.  There is a long history of bloodshed and violence committed against those fighting for environmental justice, human rights and animal liberation. Here we remember heart wrenching stories from some of the incredible activists and game changers who ...
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