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December 2018
Filo News did a great job with this video about Animal Save Argentina, December 27

Nuremberg Animal Save’s vigil (in German): “Das ist das Mindeste, was wir den Tieren schulden”, Sueddeutsche, December 16

Three-days vigil + fasting in front of the slaughterhouse INALCA in Lodi, Italy, bearing witness to many cows. This is a TV news report (in Italian). December 16

Il Cittadino di Lodi talks about the three-day vigil and fasting in front of the slaughterhouse INALCA in Lodi (in Italian), December 16

Anna Whittaker, Watch Christmas turkey vigil take place outside Derbyshire slaughterhouse, Derby Telegraph, December 14. Nottinghamshire Animal Save and Derbyshire Animal Save’s 12-hour vigil for the turkeys was covered in the local media.

Liz Wylie, Wellington activists lend support to animal kindness campaign, NZ Herald, December 13

Barb Brouwer, Slaughterhouse in Salmon Arm site of another protest by activists, Salom Arm Observer, December 13

Ken Delaney, Peaceful vigil for pigs planned at Clemens today, WIN 98.5 radio, December 11

Leeuwarden Cow Save’s first vigil on December 10 received extensive news media coverage (in Dutch):
Leeuwarder Courant
Omrop Fryslan
Friesch Dagblad
Veld Post

Josh Winquist, Processing plant protest, Castanet, December 11

Torun Animal Save in Poland was in the news, including TV coverage by TV Kutno (in Polish), December 10:

Tucumán Animal Save in Argentina is in the news (in Spanish): Vigilias en los mataderos: Un ritual para acompañar y pedir perdón a los animales, El Tucumano, December 11

Enbion Micah Aan, SEEDS: ON THE EVE OF THANKSGIVING, New Bloom mag, December 6

Aarhus Cow Save’s November 27 vigil received TV news coverage (in Danish), December 5

November 2018

London Chicken Save’s Abby McCuaig and Amanda Barker on CTV News discussing speciesism, property status of animals, and halting the construction of a massive chicken slaughterhouse in London, Ontario. November 28

Vegan group holds ‘vigils’ for chickens en route to processing plant, CBC News , November 19

Maria Chiorando, The Save Movement Joins Forces With Vegan ‘Lifeline’ Campaign Creating ‘Powerhouse’, PlantBasedNews, November 1

News media outlets covered Salerno Animal Save’s first vigil on November 2 (in Italian):
Il Mattino

Le Mans Animal Save’s first vigil received news media coverage (in French): Les antispécistes viendront chaque mois soutenir les animaux devant les abattoirs de la Socopa,, November 2

October 2018

Sarah Cain, Animal rights group pushes for safety agreement with Burlington pork plant, Global News, October 31

Tim Whitnell, Animal rights group wants trucks carrying pigs to stop outside Fearmans for five minutes,, October 30

Lauren O’Neil, Vegan Protesters Stun Shoppers at Toronto Grocery Store, BlogTO, October 29

Paris Animal Save’s 3-day vigil (in French): Ezanville : ils se réunissent devant l’abattoir pour clamer les droits des animaux, Le Parisien, October 28

Andreas Bayer, Mahnwache vor Schlachtzentrum Altenburg – Amazing article about vigil with Chemnitz Animal Save (in German),, October 28

Andrew Karpan, Local Animal Rights Activists Organize Locally With Bushwick Animal Save, Bushwick Daily, October 11

Oslo Animal Save received news coverage: newspaper Tønsbergs Blad covers vigils and includes video and interviews with activists (in Norwegian): Truls Lian, Her aksjonerer de mot slakting av dyr, October 10

Amber Morris, Animal rights group holds vigil in Loganton, The Express, October 2

September 2018

Tom Levitt, Vandalism Or Vigils? Vegans Are Divided Over How To Get People To Quit Meat, HuffPost US, September 28

The media company produced this great video about The Save Movement in Portugal. They interview activists and show vigil footage (in Portuguese), September 26

Chivilcoy Animal Save in Argentina had TV news coverage on their first vigil by a local newspaper (in Spanish): Grupo de proteccionistas se manifestó en contra de la matanza de animales en el Matadero Chivilcoy, La Razon, September 25

Danielle Leigh, VIDEO: Protesters hold Brooklyn vigil for chickens killed in religious ritual, ABC7, September 17

Dylan McCullough, VIDEO: Okanagan activists stage bold demonstration, KelownaNow, September 12

John McDonald, Kelowna vegan restaurant owner lays it on the line with animal rights activism,, September 11

VIDEO: EXPOSING the HUMANE HOAX – Does humane slaughter really exist? Plant Based News, September 3

Paul Fisher, Ayrshire Animal Save hold peaceful vigil at Robertson’s in Ardrossan, Ardrossan Herald, September 2

August 2018

Reykjavík Whale Save held their first vigil on August 20. Please watch as JaneUnChained reporter Dani Rukin films the pregnant whale being butchered at an Icelandic whaling station. August 20

Katie Mulvaney, Animal cruelty or kindness? Conflicting views at Washington County Fair, Providence Journal, August 18

Barcelona Animal Save and the hunger strike make the news (in Catalan): Activistes vegans es concentren davant l’escorxador de Sabadell,, August 10

Kornhorn Chicken Save in Netherlands got news coverage (in Dutch): Dierenactivisten demonstreren bij kippenslachterij in Kornhorn,, August 8

Boxtel Pig Save in Netherlands got news coverage (in Dutch): Zij geven de varkens water en liefde,, August 7

VIDEO: Inside a Pig Transport, CBC News, August 3

Holly Caruk, Maple Leaf Foods says activist-shot video shows ‘unacceptable’ handling of pigs, CBC News, August 3

July 2018

Pig protesters hold ‘double vigil’ outside Fearmans Burlington plant, Burlington Post, July 16

Rick Bannan and Dan Trujillo, Semi-truck crash releases thousands of chickens, one activist arrested, The Reflector, July 2. Activists from Portland Animal Save and Kelso Chicken Save were on site bearing witness and trying to save birds, and held an emergency vigil the following evening at Foster Farms.

June 2018

Joe Scarpelli, Animal rights activist gives water to pigs being transported on Manitoba highway, Global News, June 27

Coverage of Foster Farms chicken truck crash and subsequent activist arrest; followed by a story on the ties between Amazon and Whole Foods, KATU2 TV, June 26

VIDEO: Activists hold candlelight vigil for chickens involved in a rollover crash in Washington, KGW8 TV, June 26

La Paz México Animal Save making the news with their first vigil (in Spanish): Hablarán sobre crueldad animal en matadero de BCS, SDPNoticias, June 25

Jessica Scott-Reid, We’re outraged when dogs are kept in hot cars. Why not pigs in transport vehicles? CBC News, June 23

Justin Udo, Animal rights advocates storm North Philly slaughterhouse, free chickens, KYW Radio, June 14

VIDEO: Bath Animal Save and Bristol Animal Save joined up with UK animal rights organisation Viva! UK to campaign against live transport, June 14

Sarah Gate, Slaughterhouse Worker Filmed Kicking Crying Pig, PlantBasedNews, June 12

Maria Chiorando, Vegans To Protest Live Animal Transport On International Awareness Day, PlantBasedNews, June 12

Laurel Stowell, Abuse does not deter Whanganui animal activist from singing at the slaughterhouse, Whanganui Chronicle, June 3

May 2018

Helen Spelitis, ‘A waste of time’: Brisbane Animal Save protestors face court, Queensland Times, May 28

Emma Franklin Henterly, Chicken coup — vigil saves five lives, Stockton Record, May 25

Andrew Hirst, Protestors hold ‘lawful vigil’ outside Suffolk poultry factory, Ipswich Star, May 14

The Save Movement Grows Faster Than Ever Before, Veganuary, May 13

Vegetarianos Hoy wrote about the growth of The Save Movement (in Spanish): Teresa Torres, The Save Movement: testigos del sufrimiento animal, May 8

El Telegrafo in Ecuador wrote about the growth of The Save Movement and its arrival in the country (in Spanish): Juan Carlos Holguín, The Save Movement llega con mensaje animalista, May 6

Jade Yan, Witnesses to Slaughter, South Side Weekly, May 2

April 2018

Alex Ballinger, The bizarre reason Facebook ‘blocked’ an advert of vegan campaigners stroking slaughterhouse pig, Bristol Post, April 23

Poultry protest in Pleasantville, The Telegram, April 19

A radio station covered Santa Fe Animal Save’s first vigil (in Spanish): Manifestación frente al frigorífico de Recreo en contra de la matanza de animales para el consumo (website), and Facebook live video, FMPowerMax, April 18

Slaughterhouse Plays Cat and Mouse with Activists, Christchurch Animal Save, April 17

Natasha Davies, VIDEO: As it happened: Vegan activists block road to slaughterhouse near Bristol in protest, Bristol Post, April 17

Michael Braun, Alleged animal abuse, slaughterhouse operations draw rights protesters to east Lee County, The News-Press, April 15

VIDEO: Animal Save Argentina made the TV news (in Spanish): “El último adiós a las vacas”: ambientalistas les dan un abrazo a los animales antes de que entren al matadero, Telenoche, April 12

Alex Ballinger, Shocking video shows slaughterhouse owner call vegan protester a c***, Bristol Post, April 11

Exposing the horror of Little Oakhurst Brissenden Farm, BBC South East Evening News, April 5

68 animal protesters are locking down a piggery on the Sunshine Coast, 7NEWS Brisbane, April 5

Brandon Jordan, Animal Rights Activists Hold Vigil Against Slaughterhouse Practice, Queens County Politics, April 3

March 2018

Blair Thomson, Activists block North East abattoir in hope people will ‘make connections’ with animals, Border Mail, March 27

Brno Animal Save and the very first vigil in the Czech Republic (in Czech): Nejezte maso, nepijte mléko, hlásali před bučovickými jatkami. Na podporu zvířat,, March 26

Katie Boyden, An animal rights group has branded Trading Standards ‘woefully inadequate’ after dead sheep were found in a field, KentLive, March 13

Fourth annual Animal Law Week held at HLS, Anita Krajnc and Toronto Pig Save covered in this summary of Harvard Law’s fourth annual Animal Law Week, Harvard Law Today, March 12

Vegan group hold anniversary vigil at Guildford abattoir, Eagle Radio, March 7

Auckland Animal Save’s first vigil: Vigil for Animals Entering Auckland Slaughterhouse, March 7

Christian Berechree, The 80-year-old vegan activist, South Burnett Times, March 2

February 2018

Sarah Gate, Calling vegans ‘extremists’ leads to violence – what we really want is to talk, The Independent, February 28

Jeremy C. Fox, Animal rights activists and hunters face off in Hyannis over coyote hunting contest, Boston Globe, February 10

James Ridler, Protestors picket poultry production plant, Food Manufacture, February 23

Alex Lockwood, Smearing Vegans As ‘Militant’ Is Wrong And Dangerous. It Must Stop, Plant Based News, February 15

Donny Moss, Activists Rescue Chicken From Slaughterhouse in Memory of Jill Phipps, Their Turn, February 12

Martin Hannan, Anti-dairy activists protest outside Edinburgh’s Cheesefest event, The National, February 12

People gather outside Oregon Zoo to protest Packy the elephant’s death, FOX12, February 10

Chrysta Carroll, Animal rights vigil to take place in Tar Heel in March, Bladen Journal, February 9

Emma Clarke, ‘Why we stand in front of cattle trucks’: Vegans, Queensland Times, February 6

Animal Save Argentina were among the first to hug transport trucks (in Spanish): Veganos abrazan un camión de hacienda pampeano, La Arena, February 2

VIDEO: Vegan activists protest outside Bridgewater slaughterhouse, Enterprise News, February 1

January 2018

Warsaw Animal Save’s first vigil in the press! (in Polish): Protestowali przed ubojnią, Nowy Wyszkowiak, January 31

Joey Carbstrong speaking to BBC Radio 2 on behalf of The Save Movement, January 30

Sarah Gate, Earthling Ed and Joey Carbstrong Promote Veganism On BBC Breakfast TV, Plant Based News, January 29

Nick Cole, Another protest planned at 2 Sisters in Scunthorpe following demonstration by animal lovers, Scunthorpe Telegraph, January 29

Lizzie Anderson, Celebrity vegan Joey Carbstrong stands shoulder-to-shoulder with animal rights activists during abattoir vigil in Spenymoor, The Northern Echo, January 27

Revealed: 1.35 Million British Chickens Died on the Way to Slaughter in Just 15 Months, PeTa UK, January 24

VIDEO: Guildford Animal Save Hold A Vegan Vigil In Surrey To Share Their Message, That’s Surrey TV, January 22

Setubal Animal Save’s vigil (in Potuguese): Vigilia contra exportacao de animais vivos no porto de Setubal, Setubal Mais, January 17

Kevin P. O’Connor, Vegans march outside proposed Westport slaughterhouse, Herald News, January 14


December 2017

Linda McQuaig, No more silence about the torture of animals, Toronto Star, December 21

VIDEO: TOP 100 INFLUENTIAL VEGANS OF 2017, Plant Based News, December 30

Laura Booth, Animal activists host regular vigils outside Breslau pork processing plant, The Record, December 28

Jasmin Caldwell, Animal activists protest at local business, KCEN TV, December 27

Lauren James, Hong Kong Pig Save activists stage vigil at slaughterhouse to raise awareness of pigs’ plight, South China Morning Post, December 11

Pinchbeck slaughterhouse protest sees four animal rights campaigners arrested, Spalding Today, December 1

November 2017

VIDEO: Through the eyes if a pig, November

VIDEO: Musicians Against Slaughter vigil a huge success – Over 300 people bore witness at a Los Angeles Animal Save special vigil for the pigs, November 19

Kirstin Payne, Animal activist groups target livestock transport, Weekly Times, November 14

Yaremi Farinas, Protest against Larson Dairy Farm following probation status, 12News, November 12

Come Closer: Three Save Movement activists and filmmakers in the UK have embarked on a project to create Come Closer, a film about their experiences bearing witness and about the movement, November

October 2017

Maddy Lauria, Activists host vigil for chickens going to slaughter, Cape Gazette, October 9

Vegan protesters disrupt Dairy Expo, Sentinel-Times, October 3

September 2017

Mark Devries, director of Speciesism: The Movie, talks about the power of bearing witness while at a Toronto Pig Save vigil, September 18

August 2017

Liny Lamberink, Activist protests violence against animals with 5-day fast outside meat processing plant in London, Global News, August 24

Shona Duthie, Animal rights group stage three-day vigil outside Guildford abattoir to protest livestock suffering, Surrey Live, August 23

Samantha Hogan, Activists protest meat processor in Mount Airy, Frederick News-Post, August 7

Janis Cleugh, Protests continues outside Lilydale, Tri-City News, August 5

July 2017

Special guests join Suffolk-based animal rights group at Eye meat suppliers vigil, Diss Express, July 10

VIDEO: First rescue by Save Movement Cancún and The Save Movement in Mexico, July

June 2017

Pigs Desperately Thirsty, Los Angeles Animal Save, June

Paula McCooey, Animal rights activists march for an end to slaughterhouses, animal abuse, Ottawa Citizen, June 18

Toronto Pig Save held the first All Day Vigil of 2017: Watch this moving video report by Agnes Cseke, including performance by Amy Jean Davis, Los Angeles Animal Save organizer, June

The Save Movement’s Warped Tour Adventure in the US, Journiapp, June 16

May 2017

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian, New Delhi Times, May 27

Nashville Animal Save made the news: Animal rights protestors, Times-Gazette, May 23

John Greig, Pig trial a PR disaster for industry, Manitoba Co-operator, May 15

VIDEO: Bearing Witness on Mother’s Day, Jane Unchained News, May 14

VIDEO: From their Joint Vigil in solidarity with the #PigTrial, Guildford Animal Save and East London Chicken Save asked: “As an animal eater, do you believe that animals are happy to die for your dinner? May 4

Charges Dismissed: Compassion Is NOT a Crime
Toronto Pig Save co-founder Anita Krajnc was acquitted of criminal mischief Thursday, May 4, after being charged for giving water to a pig in a truck on the way to a slaughter plant. This is some of the extensive press coverage the verdict received:

The Toronto Star: Paola Loriggio, Toronto woman who gave water to pigs headed to slaughter found not guilty

BBC: Woman who helps thirsty pigs evades jail

Now Toronto: Are pigs people, too?

The Guardian: Judge dismisses case of woman who gave water to pigs headed to slaughter

The Washington Post: Activist who gave water to pigs is found not guilty of a crime

The Globe and Mail: Judge acquits woman who gave water to pigs

Global News: interview with Anita Krajnc on their Morning Show.

April 2017

Jon Robinson, Campaigners stage silent vigil outside slaughterhouse after undercover probe, Lancashire Telegraph, April 26

Protesters lay flowers at under-fire slaughterhouse, Burnley Express, April 25

Halifax vegan ad campaign aims to provoke questions around eating animals, Global news, April 15

VIDEO: West Yorkshire Save vigil at Yorkshire “Poultry” Products, April 5

Shaun Gregory, Protesters come to Seaforth for 500 pigs killed in barn fire, Seaforth Huron Expositor, April 2

Dan Whitehead, Fears over tactics used by vegan activists at abattoirs and restaurants, Sky News, April 1

March 2017

VIDEO: NY Farm Animal Save vigil with Chilis on Wheels, March 25

Toronto Fish Save is born with an aquarium demonstration on March 25. Media coverage of the event was outstanding:

CBC News: Aquatic animals don’t belong in a ‘bathtub’ say Ripley’s Aquarium protestors
CityNews Toronto: The right to life, freedom and justice may be considered inalienable for humans, but a group staged a protest in Toronto today demanding non-human animals — in particular, fish — also be granted those rights.

VIDEO: Nachtwache Schlachthaus Zürich vigil, March 18

COMPASSION IS NOT A CRIME: Ingrid Newkirk of PETA bears witness with Toronto Pig Save, March 9

#PigTrial news: on March 9 Judge Harris set May 4 as the date on which he would render his verdict. This is some of the extensive press coverage the pig trial’s closing arguments date received:

– Toronto Star: In closing arguments, defence says woman who gave water to pigs acted ‘in the public good’
– CBC News: Woman who gave water to pigs acted like Gandhi and Nelson Mandela: lawyer
– The Globe and Mail: Once snubbed, pig saviour Anita Krajnc’s fight goes global
– Global News: Ontario woman who gave water to pigs headed to slaughter compared to Gandhi, Mandela at trial
The Roy Green Show (podcast)

February 2017

Vigil for the Bull Named Courage: Animal rights activists in Queens, New York, held a vigil for a bull who escaped from a slaughter plant on February 21. The vigil received extensive press coverage:

Animal rights activists hold solemn vigil for bull that died after its escape from Queens slaughterhouse

Animal rights activists hold vigil for runaway bull

Candlelight vigil held for bull who died after escaping Queens slaughterhouse

Chas Newkey-Burden, Our counter-terrorism experts shouldn’t be wasting their time on the ‘Save’ animal welfare protest movement, The Independent, February 14

VIDEO: Brisbane Animal Save’s first action, Animal Liberation Queensland, February 7

VIDEO: Seeking Love, Toronto Pig Save, February

Protestors hold vigil for pigs who died in barn fire near Wyoming, The Independent, February 1

January 2017

VIDEO: “Their final journey”, Liverpool Pig Save

Jeff McMahon, 9 Things You Can Do About Climate Change, Forbes, January 23

Animal Liberation Victoria held a 16-hour slaughterhouse vigil at 3 different slaughterhouses west of Melbourne on January 12. Please read and watch news coverage of the vigil:

– 9news article

7News TV video

Trump Steaks – It’s no coincidence that Trump is a climate change denier and his favorite food is flesh of murdered animals, Climate Save IG, January 7


December 2016

Damien Clarkson, We’re Winning: 10 Signs That Veganism Will Take Off In 2017, Plant Based News, December 22

Zach Ruiter, How Toronto Pig Save’s Anita Krajnc, inspired by Tolstoy, mobilized animal rights activists worldwide in 2016, Now Magazine, December 21

Pro-vegan group hold ‘vigil’ outside Wolverhampton slaughterhouse, Express & Star, December 19

The Vegan View: Toronto Pig Save Expands Worldwide, Jane Unchained News

Pam Ahern, Edgar’s Mission, Melbourne Pig Save Vimeo, December 10

Daniella Miletic and Rania Spooner, Animal rights activists chain themselves to pig slaughterhouse ‘gas chamber’ in Laverton, The Age, December 7

Samantha Craggs, Virginia judge throws out water for pigs charge inspired by Anita Krajnc case, CBC News, December 3

Alex Lockwood: The Save Movement, A Peaceful Action For Change, Plant Based News, December 1

November 2016

The Silence of the Chickens, Video from West Yorkshire Chicken Save vigil, November 15

Katie Butler, Why did this man stand outside a slaughterhouse for 12 hours a day for five days? Manchester Evening News, November 13

Coverage of the Pig Trial courthouse date for Anita Krajnc, November 10:

– CBC News

Vicky Castle, Kent Animal Save to protest at Charing Meats slaughterhouse, in Ashford, KentOnline, November 1

October 2016

Hannah Sentenac, Pigs Injured in Pork Truck Accident Slaughtered, Thrown in Garbage Despite Offers for Sanctuary, October 27

Rebecca Garrett, Save Movement Scotland group protest at Ardrossan abattoir, Ardrossan Herald, October 14

Adam Carter, Vegan who gave water to pigs headed for slaughter finds it ‘unfathomable’ she was charged, CBC News, October 3

Chains of Silence (Official Music Video), Stephanie Braganza Youtube, October 2

September 2016

BBC Radio interview with Save organizers at Hertfordshire Chicken Save’s first vigil, September 29

Lady Goes on Trial for Giving Water to Pig on Way to Slaughter, Jane Unchained News

August 2016
Coverage of the Pig Trial courthouse date for Anita Krajnc, August 24-25:

Nicole Thompson, Pig owner testifies at trial of animal activist, says he was concerned about safety, The Toronto Star, August 24

CBC News

The Guardian

The Independent

Amy Wang, An animal activist gave water to slaughterhouse-bound pigs. Now, she’s on trial for mischief, Washington Post, August 25

Zach Ruiter, VIDEO: Inside the Animal Slaughter Protest by Toronto Vegans, Torontoist, August 15

July 2016

Stars Speak Up for Pigs Headed to Slaughter!, Jane Unchained News

Today I Am Voiceless – Nova Scotia, Canada, Vegan Education Group Halifax Nova Scotia, July 2

June 2016

VIDEO: Emily, the Bite Size Vegan, talks about the importance of bearing witness at the All Day Vigil with Toronto Pig Save, Cow Save and Chicken Save, June 19

Essex Pig Save First Vigil – 6th June 2016, Vegan Boho

April 2016

VIDEO: Overcrowded Pigs Are Yelled at on Way to Slaughter. PETA posted our heartbreaking video from our Pig Save vigil,

March 2016

Is it a crime to give a pig water on a hot day?, CBC Radio, March 18


December 2015

Anita Krajnc, Should I go to jail for giving a thirsty pig water? Toronto Star, December 3

November 2015

Kate Ng, Anita Krajnc: Woman who gave last drink to doomed pigs faces 10 year sentence, The Independent, November 30

Anna Pippus, Woman Criminally Charged For Giving Water To Dehydrated Pigs, The Dodo, November 16

Luisa D’Amato, D’Amato: The animal-rights protesters are gaining ground, The Record, November 6

Jake Kivanc, An Animal Rights Activist Is Going to Court for Giving Water to a Pig, Vice, November 4

Liam Casey, Ontario woman charged after giving water to pigs headed to slaughter, Globe & Mail, November 3

Lila MacLellan, Toronto woman charged after giving water to pigs shares her side of the story, Yahoo News!, November 2

July 2015

Tim Whitnell, Dozens protest outside Burlington pork processing plant, Burlington Post, July 2

June 2015

Zach Ruiter, On the front lines with Pig Save, NOW Toronto, June 17

April 2015

John Bonnar, Slaughterhouse donates lamb to Ontario animal sanctuary,, April 4

February 2015

Melissa Cronin, Stirring Photos Capture The Sad, Soulful Eyes Of Cows Headed To Slaughter, The Dodo, February 23


Ari Nessel, 16 People Who Made a Big Difference in 2014, Huffington Post, December 24

VIDEO: Kelly Guerin, Animal Auction, Vimeo, August 27

PETA, “22 Heartbreaking Photos From Pigs’ Journey to Slaughter” (featuring the photos from Toronto Pig Save vigils)

Animal rights group takes fight to Shrewsbury streets, Asbury Park Press, May 31

Eric Atkins, End of a chapter in Hogtown history after Toronto’s last pig plant shuts its doors, Globe & Mail, May 30

Catelli Brother’s Respond To Slaughterhouse Protest, TV segment on My9 Chasing NJ

Kezia Jauron, Grant Winner: The Save Movement, The Thinking Vegan, April 29


John Bonnar interviews Anita Krajnc, co-founder of Toronto Pig Save: New Banksy installation illustrates horrors of factory farming, slaughterhouses,, November 2

Barbi Lazarus, Why I hold vigils for pigs and cows being led to slaughter, The Globe and Mail, March 12


Catherine Porter, “Porter: Toronto Pig Save activists protest slaughter weekly at Quality Meat Packers abattoir,” Toronto Star, May 9


Toronto Pig Save releases undercover footage of ‘kill floor’ at Quality Meat Packers,, July 26