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Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent disease, improve global health and enhance food justice.

A healthy vegan diet is one of our most powerful tools for the individual and systemic change we urgently need. As such, it has to be known by everyone as not only adequate but beneficial for health, to be officially recommended and to be available everywhere.

We can achieve this by:

  • Raising awareness in the public about the health benefits of a whole-foods vegan diet and the risks of unhealthy animal sourced foods.
  • Working with the public and private sectors to increase the quality, quantity and diversity of the available healthy vegan foods within the community.
  • Taking action at the individual level to end food insecurity through healthy plant-based foods.

Our Principles

We are anti-speciesists. We reject the moral discrimination of sentient individuals because of their species. Because of this, we seek the optimal health state for all beings the same, whether wild, farmed, domesticated or liminal.

We believe in diversity. We stand by an inclusive definition of health, which accounts for the well-being and enjoyment of life experienced in an ever-growing spectrum of diverse bodies and identities. We reject medical discrimination and violence of any kind.

We base our actions and demands in science. We take constant action to identify and mitigate bias positions within others and ourselves, and we update our knowledge on reliable scientific information as a tool for change.