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Unhealthy Foods: The Epidemic We Can Prevent

Our food system is so broken that unhealthy diets have become the main risk factor of the world, accounting for more disease and death than tobacco. Heart disease, diabetes and cancer have become the main causes of death and healthy years of life lost for human beings, while over 820 million people can’t even access enough food to be healthy. In the process, countless sentient beings are being submitted to terrible lives, while the environment we all depend on is being destroyed.

A food system that can’t provide healthy vegan food for everyone is a system that needs to change.

Health Save Streets

Every crisis is hardest on the most vulnerable and that’s an injustice that cannot stand.

Our solution is simple: cook a healthy vegan meal and give it to someone in need.

Vegan Athletes

Athletes around the world are going vegan to take their performance to the next level. Top level athletes are discovering that being vegan helps their training, recovery and overall fitness.

Veganize Menus – Food system change

Your community needs you for the health crisis to be reversed. We need to make healthy vegan food universally available.

  1. You can speak out and suggest vegan options every time you see a menu with meat, dairy and eggs.
  2. You can join the Health Save Movement and work as a group to ensure, increase and enhance the whole foods vegan options at schools, restaurants, hospitals and other institutions and bring about #FoodSystemChangeNow!

Demand this change in your city.

Take action now by sharing this information in your community. Download, print and give out our Leaflets on the streets and local venues.