Articles by Gerrah Selby

Gerrah Selby is a dreamer, fighter and social justice activist with Animal Save Movement. She has been an activist since 2004, and soon became involved in the global Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) campaign. Despite being sentenced to 4 years in a Young Offenders Institution in a nationwide crackdown on above-ground organizing, her drive to create a better world never faded, and she continues to act for a variety of causes close to her heart. As part of the ASM graphics team she uses innovative and persuasive design in order to connect audiences to a range of social justice issues, and provides activists around the world with bold visuals to get their campaigns the attention they deserve.

Fish make art, enjoy cuddles, learn tricks and have long lasting friendships – it’s time to rethink how we treat them

Author: Natasha Maria, graphics by Gerrah Selby.  Floating cautiously near the sandy ocean floor, a small, glossy-eyed puffer fish surveys the seascape below him. In his eyes, this world is a blank canvas, and he’s ready to paint. Removing all ...
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5 Facts Everyone Needs to Know About Keeping the Earth and Yourself Healthy

Author: Anita Krajnc & Nicola Harris, illustrated by Gerrah Selby. We care so much about animals and recognize the unit of survival is organism plus environment1. As animal rights activists we very much need to protect the planet for farmed animals ...
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The Peoples’ Climate Vote

Author: Anita Krajnc & Nicola Harris, illustrated by Gerrah Selby. Over two billion people recognize the need to promote plant-based diets as an important climate policy in world’s largest ever public poll With 1.2 million respondents, The Peoples’ Climate Vote is ...
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