Diversity and Inclusion

As Animal Save Movement, it is our mission to bring about change that effects all animals, the planet as a whole, and humans. It is therefore crucial that we are representative, diverse and inclusive as a movement. A global movement must be globally representative.


Refers to the range of differences among people such as ethnicity, religion, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, social class, ability, political beliefs and ethical values.


Refers to the involvement, empowerment and belonging of a wide variety of people and to a collaborative environment that values and appreciates their contribution.

Animals want to be free


As the mobility and liberties of humans increase on a global level, so does the diversity of populations. This increase leads to a demand for more diversity awareness and adaptation to these new social structures.

Our goal is to create diversity internally and externally and to build a structure that represents a variety of differences that people identify with. We aim to create an environment of equality that doesn’t only give equal space to different people but that appreciates the input of diverse populations who bring in their unique qualities.


For those to whom this concept is rather new, here are our Diversity and Inclusion Guidelines to help you acquire a lens for Diversity and Inclusion and apply these values on all levels of our organization as well as the animal rights movement in its entirety. Remember that Inclusion is an ongoing practice and not a one-time training or compliance to a guideline. It is a relationship between us and our privileges and other beings.


Animal Save Movement is a vegan, anti-speciesist and animal-centric organization that positions itself against all forms of oppression and implements the understanding of anti-oppression with a compassionate and love-based approach. We believe in nonviolent resistance against oppression.

Furthermore, within our advocacy for animal rights, we strive to be a community of safety for everyone; a space that is built on diversity and inclusion, and free of discrimination and oppressive dynamics. A strong movement depends on a strong, safe and equal cultural structure.

We not only support a variety of communities and their movements but we also encourage others to do so.

We ask people to go vegan and to become activists, and we demand a plant based food system. We also ask people not to contribute to other forms of oppression and to be active, and we demand a dramatic change in a system that discriminates against groups and individuals.

Animal Save Movement is and always will be an animal-centric organization, but also believes in the moral duty and importance of standing against all forms of oppression. We include all sentient life into our circle of compassion and will not flee from the suffering one, but we will come closer.

ASM stands against injustice

ASM vigil Atlanta

1 - Our animal rights work must not contribute to other forms of oppression.

Animal Save Movement is an anti-speciesist organization that focuses on animal liberation. However, advocating for one cause, does not justify making use of other existing oppressive ideologies. Our activism must be free of speciesism, sexism, racism, ableism, ageism, xenophobia, heterosexism, etc. at all times.

2 - We support animal-centric activism that highlights intersections with other forms of oppression.

Animal Save Movement embraces animal rights work that shares intersections with our focus, i.e. eco-feminism, climate justice, environmental justice, food justice, worker’s rights, etc. At a global level, the Animal Save Movement works on campaigns with allies from other social justice movements. Coalition building can be key to achieving total and collective liberation.

3 - We encourage our chapters and activists to contribute to other social justice movements.

We also welcome local work that contributes to the liberation of anyone within our circle of compassion that includes human and non-human animals. A strong movement depends on strong individuals. Empowering each other, will empower our movement.

4 - Our anti-oppression activism must always be love-based, compassionate and inclusive.

Animal Save Movement is a love-based organization. Our work is informed by the work and teachings of individuals such as Leo Tolstoy, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. We do not shame, blame, insult, harass, embarrass others for the purpose of our mission. People can change, and it is our responsibility to encourage change with love and education.


The animal rights movement embodies justice and compassion for all. Our circle of compassion must expand to include all sentient life, and it is thus our moral duty to stand in solidarity with other social movements.

For far too long have we experienced and witnessed racial injustice in our society. Systemic racism affects us in all areas of life and it is not an easy undertaking to eradicate these oppressive structures. It is therefore up to all of us to build a world that is built on values of justice, equality, and respect.

In honor of Geroge Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and the entire Black community fighting for injustice, we would like to invite everyone to support the Black Lives Matter movement and urge others to do so as well.

BLM ASM Berline

Download BLM placards:

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Note: The "Black Lives Matter - Animal Save Movement" placard (below) is the same for all languages.

Black Lives Matter Placard


Vegans for Black Lives Matter

How Many Weren't Filmed?

Who do you call when the police murder placard

Racism is a pandemic too placard

Silence is Violence - Speak UP

Defund the police


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Animalistes_Solidaires Du Movement BLM

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