What Is Community Organizing?

We organize regular vigils and rallies. For example, Toronto Pig Save has been organizing three vigils a week since July 2011. NY Farmed Animal Save and New Jersey Farmed Animal Save organized monthly vigils at live market and a calf slaughterhouse respectively. Melbourne Pig Save organize huge rallies at the Bourke Street Mall.

Why use a Tolstoyian/Gandhian, love-based approach?

We use a non-violent, love-based approach to community organizing as a means of being the change we want to see in the world. The approach is inclusive and welcoming to all.

What are our goals?

The goals of our regular vigils at slaughterhouse are to encourage people to adopt a nonviolent, vegan lifestyle, and, just as importantly, to nurture advocacy, activism and organizing on the part each participant. We document the animal victims and the activists via photos and videos and use social media to spread global awareness and activism.

The long term goal of The Save Movement is for there to be Save groups at every slaughterhouse and to create a mass-based, grassroots movement for animal justice.