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We organize regular animal vigils and rallies, usually targeting a local slaughterhouse or live market. We use a non-violent, love-based approach to community organizing as a means of being the change we want to see in the world. The approach is inclusive and welcoming to all.

A Love-based, Gandhian and Pro-worker Approach

Animal Save chapters use a positive, love-based, Gandhian approach and are pro-labour. We speak to people as equals with no judgment. It’s fulfilling and effective. Such positive approaches tend to produce ripple effects in the public and in worker responses. Other side benefits are: there is less conflict and activist burnout.

Work cooperatively with ALL involved with the goal of creating a caring and environmentally-friendly society and a healthy vegan way of life.

For example, if your group holds weekly vigils, using a negative, conflict-based approach is not sustainable, which would quickly lead to activist burn-out.

Be positive. Have signs which are positive. Smile when possible. Try to be non-reactive and nonjudgmental. For example, Toronto Pig Save uses big reddish-pink hearts with Pig Save written on them, we have “Love and kindness for Pigs” signs, “Where has our empathy gone?” sign, and a series of “Why Love One But Eat the Other” signs with our website and other info. We can provide your group with these and your contact info.

This approach works because it’s inspiring, energizing and helps your organization grow.

What are our goals?

The goals of our regular vigils at slaughterhouse are to encourage people to adopt a nonviolent, vegan lifestyle, and, just as importantly, to nurture advocacy, activism and organizing on the part each participant. We document the animal victims and the activists via photos and videos and use social media to spread global awareness and activism.

The long term goal of the Animal Save Movement is for there to be Save groups at every slaughterhouse and to create a mass-based, grassroots movement for animal justice.


For more information or inquiries about the Animal Save Movement, please contact us.

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