Code of Conduct

    It is important that all groups and organizers affiliated with the Animal Save Movement group follow these guiding principles and operate under a code of conduct as set out below.

      1. Create a welcoming, peaceful and safe environment for all those who attend. Respect other vigil attendees. We all share a common goal. Refrain from any violent, loud or threatening behaviour either verbal or physical towards workers, security, police or members of the public.
      2. Do not engage in personal feuds or conflicts on site or on social media. Avoid being overly critical of approaches taken by other animal rights organizations; different styles of activism have their place in a diverse movement.
      3. Offer compassion and support to anyone in the group experiencing trauma or being emotionally overwhelmed at a vigil or event.
      4. Do not increase the anxiety or stress to the animals to whom we bear witness. Approach them slowly with love and respect.
          • Stay Calm: Animals are very sensitive to our energy. Approach the truck slowly, calmly and quietly so as not to frighten animals more than they are already.
          • Noise: Animals are extremely sensitive to noise and under a great deal of stress. Minimize loud noises (e.g., do not use megaphones in close proximity to the animals) or shouting.
          • Water: Offer water to the animals. Do not spray or throw water at them or in the truck. If they do not accept your offer then stop.
          • Touching: Exercise discretion when engaging with and touching the animals; don't scare them.
      5. Be safe
          • We encourage all attendees to wear reflective vests.
          • Listen to and respect the instructions of safety marshals who are there to ensure the safety of attendees.
          • At all times be mindful to keep a safe distance from the trucks when they are in motion, especially when they are turning.
          • Approach the truck when safety marshals signal that it's safe.
          • Bear witness on curb side of truck, not on traffic side.
          • Do not put arms in trucks. If a truck moves or animals panic, you can be seriously injured.
      6. Speak to drivers, employees, and police with respect. Resist temptation to react to provocations from employees. Oppose anger and violence with love and kindness.
      7. Public Outreach: Stay peaceful and positive. Avoid temptation to respond to negative comments with negative responses.
      8. When not bearing witness, hold a sign at the road or hand out leaflets. If you choose not to, please go to the designated break area so as not to detract from the seriousness of our message.
      9. ASM affiliated events must be alcohol and drug free.
      10. Be mindful we are engaging in a nonviolent struggle to win animal rights campaigns and to build community. We take an intersectional stance and build coalitions with environmental, anti-racist, and other social justice groups.

    Above all, stay safe, stay mindful, and stay committed to those who need us to hear their voice.

    Non compliance of the above or disrespectful behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated and we may ask individuals persistently violating the principles to leave the vigil. *If you feel someone is not adhering to these guidelines, please inform a marshal or email

      MOU for Chapter Organizers

      Animal Save Movement operates under a grassroots love based community organising approach. No one person is in charge as in a hierarchy, rather we have a team of leaders. Every action we take is on behalf of the animals and building an animal rights community. Be mindful that during all interactions, on social media, email and in person you are a representative of ASM.

      ASM organizers and activists must adhere to the following:

      1. We advocate veganism and animal rights as an imperative. We do however address animal welfare if violations are spotted. Please report any incidents to the appropriate agency in order to put a spotlight on the industry.
      2. Welcome and encourage members expressing a desire to take a more active role and nurture leadership in others. Work as a team, make collective decisions, and listen to and consider all points of view.
      3. Refrain from posting inflammatory content on social media. Avoid criticizing other groups for their approach, e.g., PETA, Mercy For Animals etc. Different styles of activism have a place and may be effective to different audiences. Avoid negative comments about any individual or group, rather act as a positive role model.
      4. Be mindful of our love based approach at all times. Do not use offensive or hateful adjectives when corresponding with others. Respond to negativity with positivity, love for hate.
      5. Set aside any personal differences and do not engage in personal feuds or conflicts with other organizers, activists or members of the public in any way, including in person or on social media. We want the Animal Save Movement to be a unifying and mobilizing force.
      6. If you are unable to resolve personal or organizational differences, in the first instance speak directly to the individual involved, ask your CL and RLs for assistance or if it’s an organizational issue contact HR who will be able to offer advice and support. Do not bypass the person you are having the conflict with by involving other organizers.
      7. Make vigils public, not private, events to encourage as many people as possible to attend. Create Facebook events under the relevant Animal Save Movement page, not on personal accounts.
      8. Offer compassion and support to anyone in the group experiencing trauma or being emotionally overwhelmed at the vigil.
      9. Any food that is served at Animal Save Movement events such as Fundraisers, All day vigils, veg fests or any other Save events must be vegan. ASM events must be alcohol and drug free.
      10. Tag the relevant Animal Save Movement branch on social media posts for sharing purposes.
      11. Our goals are to win animal rights campaigns and build community. We take an intersectional stance and build coalitions with environmental, anti-racist, and other social justice groups.




        On June 19th 2020 Canadian animal rights pioneer Regan Russell was violently struck and killed by a pig transport truck in front of Sofina’s Fearmans slaughterhouse. She was at a Toronto Pig Save vigil with six other activists giving pigs water on one of the hottest days of the year.

        Following Regan's tragic death, her friends wrote Regan's Principles which are read at the start of Toronto Pig Save Vigils.