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Planet v$ Cargil

Cargill is one of the largest animal agriculture companies in the world. They own many slaughterhouses and are the world’s third largest animal feed company. As a commodity trader, Cargill is responsible for global mass deforestation by helping to turn forests into animal feed plots. Planet Vs Cargill is a public information campaign with three sets of actions: inform, demand and disrupt.

Inform: Animal feed crops (often called commodity crops) are genetically modified swaths of grain, corn and soybeans that have replaced many natural ecosystems such as prairies, meadows and forests. Animal feed crops are grown with massive amounts of herbicides, chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These crops use tremendous amounts of resources, such as water and land. Our ally, Mighty Earth, has reported that McDonald’s, Cargill’s number one customer, has sourced its animal products from deforested Amazon.

Demand: Our first step is to send Cargill our analyses and demands, which are also handed out to the press and distributed widely for the public. Our demand is for Cargill and related animal feed and slaughterhouse companies to transform their businesses into plant based food.

Disrupt: This internationacampaign is led by intersectional activists organizing multi-city disruptions in global days of action addressing animal rights, the climate emergency, food sovereignty and human rights. The goal of this campaign is to hold Cargill accountable, through its customer base, for its actions in harming animals and destroying the planet.

Join the Climate Save Movement’s Planet V$ Cargill campaign to protest this ecocide and bring about the urgent plant based revolution. Animal, Climate and Health Save Movements are organizing global days of action against Cargill.

Reforesting the Earth

Go Vegan to Reforest the Earth

Transitioning to plant based foods will make it possible to reforest and rewild places that are currently being used for ranching and growing animal feed. Reversing the climate crisis requires us to end animal agriculture and return land to forests to absorb carbon out of the atmosphere. For a healthy forest ecosystem we need an abundant variety of plants, wildflowers and animal life in these spaces where these monocrops are currently cultivate.

Save the Amazon

Animal agriculture has caused 75% of global deforestation and 91% of the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. GMO soy is grown in Brazil and exported for animal feed for pigs, cows, and chickens. Brazil is becoming “the slaughterhouse of the world” according to the Guardian with expanded cattle ranching in the Amazon. Animal agricultural commodities giants such as Cargill, Bunge and ADM have all been implicated in Amazon destruction. Cargill’s biggest customer is McDonald’s and their burgers are sourced from deforested Amazon.

Please sign our petition: Stop Bolsonaro from destroying the Amazon

Climate Save Amazon petition

Mercosur Trade Agreement

The European Commission has signed a Free Trade deal with Brazil and Mercosur on June 28, 2019, giving a green light to destruction and exploitation of the Amazon rainforest for the production of cheap meat and animal feed. This agreement needs European Parliament approval to become law so now is our chance to prevent it!

In 2019 the parliaments of both Austria and France rejected the deal because of environmental concerns, including the burning of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.

Please sign our petition: STOP Free Trade deal between the EU and Mercosur