‘You Are What You Eat’ – 5 Key Takeaways From The New Netflix Series

Netflix’s new Series ‘You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment’ is based on the groundbreaking study by Stanford Medicine about 22 pairs of identical twins and examines the impact of food choices.

The documentary explores the benefits and disadvantages of an omnivore and vegan diets. Stanford’s nutrition scientist, Christopher Gardner, chose to work with twins to control for genetics and similar lifestyle choices.

5 Incredible Athletes Powered By Plants

Documentary shattering the myth that athletes need to eat protein from animal products to gain muscle and strength.

Every day vegan athletes participate in demanding competitions proving the power of plants that helps them stay healthy.

7 Things You Can Do This Earth Day!

Earth Day is an annual event held every April 22nd to demonstrate support and awareness of our planet, and the need for urgent action to protect the environment from climate change…

Everything You Need To Know About Veganuary

Is it even a new year if Veganuary isn’t trending on Twitter? Times are changing for the better when just a few days into 2023 and not only is Veganuary trending, but so is go vegan, plant-based, and climate justice.