Chestnut horse on the paddock during golden hour susnet

The Live Export of Horses And Their Slaughter Must End

The live export of horses from Canada and their slaughter must end. Canada plays a huge role in the horse meat market with thousands of live horses exported from Manitoba and Alberta every year. In many cases shipment of live horses to Japan exceeded the legal 28-hour limit without food, water or rest.

Eating Veal Is Far Worse Than You Can Imagine

I became vegetarian at age seven after making the connection that hamburgers and hot dogs came from animals. I remember being totally shocked and horrified that anyone would eat food that had to be killed. It wasn’t until many years later that I discovered veal was actually baby animals. ..

Why Live Exports Should Be Banned

The live export trade of animals refers to their transport to various countries or regions. This could be for slaughter, breeding, or other types of exploitation. Millions of animals are transported by boats, trucks, airplanes, or trains and often across continents for very long distances. …