The Gruesome Global Horse Blood Trade

Crammed into restraint pens and ­repeatedly forced into pregnancy, tens of thousands of horses have their blood extracted on obscene vampire farms in Argentina and Uruguay in what can only be described as an endless chain of violence within the animal agriculture industry. …

3 easy steps to go vegan

3 Easy Steps to Go Vegan

Are you ready to embark on a life-changing journey that will alter your life? …. Going vegan is probably one of the most profound things you can for your health, our planet, and the animals. …

7 Inspiring Activists Killed by The Animal Agriculture Industry

There is a long history of bloodshed and violence committed against those fighting for environmental justice, human rights and animal liberation. Here we remember heart wrenching stories from some of the incredible activists and game changers who have fallen victim to the aggressive animal agriculture industry.

Vegan children

5 Tips for Raising Vegan Kids

Raising a vegan child for almost a decade has taught me a lot about the world. I have navigated through nutritional health debates, gone against societal norms, been faced with accusations from strangers, and firmly stood my ground when it comes to animal rights, the environment and plant-based food choices. Raising a vegan child is an adventure I would take again in a second and one of the best decisions I ever made. …

Dairy cows

7 Reasons to Ditch Dairy

Cows, like all animals, want to be free. They want to roam at their leisure, be free of pain, feel the grass beneath their feet and not be locked in captivity. Cows nurture their young and form friendships with other cows that last a lifetime. But the horrific dairy industry takes all this away from them. Cows suffer terribly on dairy farms …

5 Reasons to Stop Eating Pigs

There are endless reasons to stop eating pigs. Here are five crucial ones to get you started.
1. Pigs are Sentient Beings. Pigs have feelings. They feel sadness, pain, happiness and love. They are also highly intelligent and smarter than many toddlers. …

ASM bearing witness

The Importance of Attending Animal Save Vigils

The first Pig Save vigil I attended was in Toronto many years ago outside the now closed down Quality Meat Packers slaughterhouse. I had been putting it off for a long time since I figured I am already a vegan animal rights activist ….