Living Vegan Beyond Veganuary

Veganuary, which started at a kitchen table in the UK by a passionate wife and husband team, is the global pledge to try being vegan for 31 days and hopefully throughout the rest of the year …

The Pain & Suffering Behind Foie Gras

The fact that someone came up with the idea to force-feed ducks and geese enormous amounts of food in the cruelest of ways until their livers get to massive unnatural sizes and then kill them is outrageous and cruel. …

5 Year Anniversary of Fearmans rollover

October 5th, marks the 5 year anniversary of the Fearmans rollover when a transport truck crashed just prior to arriving at the gates of Fearmans Slaughterhouse.

Eating Veal Is Far Worse Than You Can Imagine

I became vegetarian at age seven after making the connection that hamburgers and hot dogs came from animals. I remember being totally shocked and horrified that anyone would eat food that had to be killed. It wasn’t until many years later that I discovered veal was actually baby animals. ..