The Gruesome Global Horse Blood Trade

Crammed into restraint pens and ­repeatedly forced into pregnancy, tens of thousands of horses have their blood extracted on obscene vampire farms in Argentina and Uruguay in what can only be described as an endless chain of violence within the animal agriculture industry. …

7 Inspiring Activists Killed by The Animal Agriculture Industry

There is a long history of bloodshed and violence committed against those fighting for environmental justice, human rights and animal liberation. Here we remember heart wrenching stories from some of the incredible activists and game changers who have fallen victim to the aggressive animal agriculture industry.

Justice 4 Regan Russell march

Toronto Activists Rise Up For Regan Russell

As our animal rights movement mourns the loss of the inspirational activist Regan Russell, Toronto Pig Save activists have kept her name and memory in the media spotlight with high impact publicity stunts and thought provoking street theatre. …

Montevideo Horse Save

Interview with Montevideo Horse Save

It has been just a few short months since Montevideo Horse Save (MHS) formed, and despite navigating their way through the challenges of a global pandemic they have been a tour de force by launching two thought-provoking campaigns and a fallen horse rescue initiative. …