The Moral Dilemma Of Eating Dogs

There are approximately 700 million dogs in the world. But some people estimate that number is actually closer to 1 billion dogs!

Chestnut horse on the paddock during golden hour susnet

The Live Export of Horses And Their Slaughter Must End

The live export of horses from Canada and their slaughter must end. Canada plays a huge role in the horse meat market with thousands of live horses exported from Manitoba and Alberta every year. In many cases shipment of live horses to Japan exceeded the legal 28-hour limit without food, water or rest.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Greyhound Racing

Commercial greyhound racing is nothing like meeting up with a friend at the park and having your dogs “race” and chase a ball or frisbee to see which pup gets it first. The truth about greyhound racing will shock you. Dogs in the industry are confined to dirty cages, become badly injured, are given illegal drugs, artificially inseminated, neglected, and horribly abused.

Esther The Wonder Pig, A Forever Legacy

It’s not every day a pig inspires a nation, yet that’s exactly what Esther The Wonder Pig did during her short time on earth. At the age of 11, Esther passed away in her sleep on October 19 with her dad by her side.

The Fur Industry: Killing Animals And Destroying The Planet

It’s no longer a status symbol or fashion statement to drape yourself in dead animals, even though some people still do. But just when I thought fur was on the way out many years ago, fur trim made its ugly appearance on the hoods of jackets and became trendy.

Everything You Need To Know About Veganuary

Is it even a new year if Veganuary isn’t trending on Twitter? Times are changing for the better when just a few days into 2023 and not only is Veganuary trending, but so is go vegan, plant-based, and climate justice.

Keeping Regan Russell’s Memory Alive Two Years After Her Death

Regan Russell was a passionate and caring animal advocate and firmly believed all life was worth fighting for. On June 19, 2020, she was at a Toronto Pig Save vigil with six other activists giving desperate pigs water on a hot day and providing them comfort, likely the only love they ever received.