About Us


Animal Save Movement’s mission is to spread the idea that we all have a moral duty to bear witness, end animal agriculture and reforest the Earth.


Our vision is an equitable, eco-friendly vegan world, for the animals, the planet and health.


We are a love-based, global network of chapters that defines itself through a Tolstoyan and Gandhian approach to grassroots activism and social change. We take an anti-speciesist stance and are against all forms of discrimination and oppression. We return love for hate, and believe that ending violence and oppression must be done with compassion and kindness for all. We engage in nonviolent communication as a unique and powerful process for inspiring compassionate connection and action.

One of our main objectives is mobilizing people to become grassroots activists and organizers with expanding team leadership, a concept informed by the work of Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers. The theory of momentum driven organizing suggests mobilizing at least 3.5% of the population in nonviolent direct action and persuading majority public opinion for there to be major progress in the goals of achieving social change.

A word from our co-founder

The Animal Save Movement started in December 2010 with the inception of Toronto Pig Save after I adopted Mr. Bean, a dog. On our morning walks, we witnessed sad and frightened pigs en route to a nearby slaughterhouse in downtown Toronto. Six months later, we made a promise to the pigs to hold a minimum of three animal vigils each week to bear witness. We use a love-based approach to community organizing informed by Leo Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi. The aim is to hold an animal vigil at every slaughterhouse. Through the power of communities not looking away from animal suffering but coming close and trying help we can close all slaughterhouse and build an eco-friendly vegan world. - Anita Krajnc

How Did Animal Save Movement Start?

Our Journey

Animal Save Movement Timeline
  • 2010 December

    Toronto Pig Save forms in December with the adoption of Mr. Bean, a dog

  • 2011 July

    In July, Toronto Pig Save starts holding three vigils a week. The second group, Burlington Pig Save forms two months later.

  • 2012

    Save chapters spread to Australia and the US.

  • 2013

    We open ‘The Save Movement’ social media accounts.

  • 2014 April

    In April, the pig slaughterhouse in Toronto, Quality Meat Packers goes bankrupt.

  • 2015

    In the pig trial, Anita Krajnc was charged with Criminal Mischief – interference with property for giving water to dehydrated pigs. The issue of compassion not being a crime went viral on social media and attracted global mass media coverage,

  • 2016

    Manchester Pig Save group formed in the UK, alongside LA Animal Save which soon begins to hold the largest vigils in the world.


    Hollywood celebrities attend vigils including Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, Moby, and Kat Von D

  • 2017

    Save groups started in three new continents—Africa, Asia, and Latin America and 27 new countries. American organizing tours were launched.


    In the Pig Trial, charges were dropped, deeming compassion is not a crime. However, in an affront to ethics and growing public opinion, Judge Harris regressively ruled pigs are property under the law.

  • 2018

    An organizing tour in Northern and Eastern Europe launched.


    Calcutta Animal Save held India’s first Save vigil. The Philippines and Slovenia held their first animal vigil. Five groups launched in Denmark.


    The first Slaughter-Free Cities campaign is launched in Chicago by Free From Harm.

  • 2019

    The Save Movement became Animal Save Movement in a major rebranding campaign.


    Animal Save Movement adds two additional branches: Climate Save Movement and Health Save Movement, with the mission to end animal agriculture and reforest the earth.

  • 2020

    Genesis Butler launches Youth Climate Save, a fourth branch.


    Slaughter-Free Cities are launched in New York City, LA and Toronto.


    Animal rights pioneer Regan Russell was killed on June 19th at a pig vigil in front of Fearmans Slaughterhouse. Memorial vigils were held around the world and a local and global pressure campaign was launched.


    During the global pandemic, local chapters provided mutual aid, vegan food giveaways. Coronavirus confinement challenge was launched online.

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