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10-day Canada Save Movement Tour Wraps Up

Save Movement organizers Amber Gionet and Abby McQuaig have completed their 10-day, 10-vigil #SaveTourCanada. They bore witness to chickens at a Vancouver Chicken Save vigil on May 13. Please watch live video:

Welcome, HWY 401 Animal Save: Bearing witness to, and capturing photos and footage of animals in livestock trucks at rest stops along HWY 401. Find them on Instagram.
Welcome, Manitoba Animal Save, joining Manitoba Pig Save. They are a group of compassionate Manitobans who are part of a worldwide network of Save groups that bear witness to animals at livestock auctions and en route to slaughter: cows, pigs, chickens, lamb, horses, goats and other farmed animals. Find them on Facebook.
On May 22 Niagara Farm Animal Save held a vigil at Littlefoot Farm, in Beamsville, Ontario, which prides itself on “all of our products are naturally raised; outdoors, in the fresh air and sunshine, grass pastured and fed local, non GMO mixed grains, supplemented with fruits and vegetables.” Littlefoot Farm sells a variety of animals, in addition to exploiting miniature horses and pygora goats for their summer camp.


On May 21, Melbourne Cow, Sheep, Pig, Chicken and Goat Saves all joined with the Animal Activist Collective and Animal Activists Australia to hold a demo at the annual RSPCA’s Million Paws Walk. They report:
“The RSPCA endorse chickens, pork and eggs, claiming their endorsed products are produced without cruelty and suffering. This has been documented and proven time and time again to be false and misleading, and all the animals raised under the RSPCA’s approval still experience a terrifying death in the slaughterhouse. Their catchphrase is ‘For All Creatures Great and Small.’ Our theme today was ‘Why Love One and Eat The Other?'”


Please also watch video:

Melbourne Cow Save and Melbourne Sheep Save held another city ‘slaughter truck route” on May 17:


Welcome, New Zealand Animal Save, the first Save group in New Zealand. They will bear witness to farmed animals en route to slaughter. Find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



Welcome, Brighton Sealife Save, the first Save group bearing witness to aquatic animals in the U.K. Find them on Facebook.
Their first vigil is set for July 8: event page.
Manchester Pig Save reports from their May 23 pig vigil at Tulip slaughterhouse in Dukinfield. Please watch:

Kent Animal Save held a long vigil at Forge Farm “Meats” in Tunbridge Wells on May 22. They report:
“We spent 11 hours at Forge Farm Meats on Monday 22nd May. We witnessed multiple lorries carrying sheep during the morning. The first lorry came shortly after 6am, full of sheep. The driver had clearly been made aware that we were there, as he was filming us on his phone. Our activists slow walked him down the lane, so we could bear witness, as he refused to stop. During the afternoon, the pigs started to arrive. One solitary pig arrived in a trailer, he/she had lost all hope. Instead of being inquisitive and curious, they simply stood there, staring at the side of the trailer. All of these deaths were unnecessary. Choose compassion, be vegan.”


Welcome, Orange County Animal Save in California. Their mission: “We bear witness to animals bound for slaughter.”
Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

On May 19, Portland Animal Save held their first all-day, multi-location vigil. Please watch video:

Please watch video: On May 17, Greeley Cow Save bore witness at the JBS Slaughterhouse. They report:
“The stench of burning blood in the air causes you to gag and cough. Truck load after truck load of innocent lives so carelessly lost in the abyss of human ignorance and greed. Animals pleading for us to rescue them from their forced imprisonment and impending violent death. You have the power to stop this madness. I If you don’t buy, they don’t die. I Make the compassionate choice and go vegan and join us for our next vigil–be an agent of light filled change so desperately needed in this world.”

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“When the suffering of another creature causes you to feel pain, do not submit to the initial desire to flee from the suffering one, but on the contrary, come closer, as close as you can to her who suffers, and try to help her.” – Leo Tolstoy
In six years, The Save Movement has grown to over 300 Save groups around the world. Our dream is to have regular vigils at every slaughter plant worldwide. We regularly give seed money to new Save groups and require funds for literature, posters, subway ad campaigns ( and vegan outreach events.
Make animal liberation your priority in life! Think of 10 kind things you can do each day and encourage your friends to do the same! Join us and participate in our weekly vigils, start a Save group in your community, and be a regular donor.


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