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Photos above by John Bonnar

March 25 saw the launch of the World Day for the End of Fishing, which calls for the abolition of exploitation, fishing and farming of aquatic animals. Co-organizer Shannon Drown said the event was “an unbelievable success.” He added the day was a “truly inspiring debut for the World Day for the End of Fishing in North America and Toronto Fish Save.” Also find Toronto Fish Save on Instagram.
Please watch video from the aquarium demonstration.

Photos by Minna Wänskä

Media coverage of the event was outstanding:
CBC News: Aquatic animals don’t belong in a ‘bathtub’ say Ripley’s Aquarium protestors
CityNews Toronto: The right to life, freedom and justice may be considered inalienable for humans, but a group staged a protest in Toronto today demanding non-human animals — in particular, fish — also be granted those rights.




Windsor-Detroit Farm Animal Save had a vigil on March 24 at Gord’s Abattoir in Leamington, Ontario, to bear witness to the baby cows, lambs, pigs, and others who are slaughtered there daily.


God’s Abattoir in Leamington, where they promote “custom” killing.




Emergency Vigil for Seaforth Pigs – 500 Perished in Barn Fire
March 27, 11 AM – 2 PM, 54 Goderich St W, Huron East, Ontario
Another tragedy strikes Ontario animals: on March 23 a barn fire took the lives of 500 innocent young pigs on a farm on the outskirts of Seaforth, Ontario. Please join London Pig Save to remember these innocent pigs.
RSVP: event page






On March 25 Melbourne Sheep Save joined forces with Melbourne Cow Save in the central business district. A small group of activists held signs and handed out flyers to members of the public outside an UGG store, Kathmandu (regarding the use of duck down) and Leather Cargo. This was their first leafletting day with more to come. The aim is to educate people about the cruelty in the industries that these stores, and the people who shop at them, support.




Photos by Robyn Cochrane from Melbourne Sheep Save

The March for Aquatic Animals (to put an end to fishing) was held March 26 and over 100 activists joined the march. The event had 3 great speakers: Andy Meddick, from the Victorian Animal Justice Party; Haans Siver, veteran of 5 Sea Shepherd campaigns; and Peter Singer, the author of Animal Liberation (amongst other books).

Photo by Oliver Davenport






Hong Kong Pig Save held a vigil on March 26 with their biggest turnout yet. Please watch this video report.







NOmattatoio‘s Rome subway ad campaign has received great media coverage. Here is a recap of a piece in Corriere della Sera, one of the most important newspapers in Italy:
Make a vegan choice for Animals: The pro-vegan campaign in Rome’s subway.
A billposting campaign to promote a vegan choice has come to Rome’s subway. It is has been created and promoted by NOmattatoio’s activists in all stations of lines A and B [185 posters]. “The goal is to make people aware of the deep injustice of animal exploitation and to encourage a choice compatible with respect for all sentient beings,” they explain.
Find Corriere della Sera‘s article here.







Welcome, Linköping Animal Save, Sweden’s second Save group. They aim to be present outside slaughter plants to be witnesses to the animals and to document their last moments of life. Find them on Facebook.
Their first vigil is March 27 in Linköping: event page.






Leicestershire Animal Save held their fifth vigil on March 23 outside Foyle Melton Mowbray in Six Hills. They report:
“We were unable to bear witness properly today due to trucks not stopping and also the suspicion trucks were being cancelled. The little footage we did manage to obtain is below. We’ll never see this beautiful sentient being again but for that brief moment, we saw him. Thank you to those who could make it.”
The vigil got some coverage in the local newspaper Melton Times. When newspapers announce upcoming vigils, they are doing a public service!
Short video from the vigil here.




West Midlands Animal Save held a vigil at Janan Meat slaughter plant, in Kingswinford, on March 22. Please read and watch a moving account of bearing witness:
“I was able to stroke this innocent sweetheart for a minute or so. It broke my heart when I accidentally brushed the tag in their ear. That did not belong there. She was not a product who required a tag. When I first walked up to the truck and saw her, her eyes were closed, as if she was resigned to her fate. I’ve seen this before in one sheep who was literally covered in urine from the sheep above in the trailer. I’d never seen such defeat in a being before.”







NY Farm Animal Save held their latest vigil on March 25 at Aziz slaughterhouse in Queens. They report:
“We changed locations for this vigil to pay tribute to Courage the bull who escaped from this slaughterhouse and was killed after his capture. Many thanks to everyone who came out today. We planted a lot of seeds in both the customers and the police, who were called by the irate owner but was told we had every right to protest peacefully.”
Please watch a video compilation of the vigil:




Welcome, Boston Animal Save and Houston Animal Save.

Boston Animal Save works to “erect glass walls” at Massachusetts area slaughterhouses in order to encourage people to choose vegan, protect the environment, and support farm sanctuaries. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.



Houston Animal Save works to end violence and promote a vegan lifestyle through bearing witness and educating the public. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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