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Please watch this Save Movement viral video, “We lost everything.” It tugs at the heartstrings because it so poignantly speaks for the pigs.



The World Day for the End of Fishing calls for the abolition of exploitation, fishing and farming of fishes, crustaceans, cetaceans and cephalopods. This demand is a question of justice. Like all sentient beings, fishes and other aquatic animals should be recognized with fundamental rights: the right to life, freedom and physical integrity. We’ll start at the St. Lawrence Market before we converge onto Ripley’s Aquarium to denounce the exploitation, killing and consumption of aquatic animals and express our solidarity with them. We will be dedicating our presence at Ripley’s Aquarium to the late photographer, filmmaker and conservationist Rob Stewart.
Co-organizer Shannon Drown wrote, “Even though this event hasn’t happened yet, it’s already been an awakening for many of the people it’s touched. We have realized that they are often the forgotten victims of speciesism. The organizers have been so inspired by the energy from the community and the outpouring of support for aquatic animals! They need more attention and this is just the beginning.”
March 25, 12-3 pm, St. Lawrence Market – 95 Front St, East, Toronto.
RSVP: event page


On March 17 Brampton Chicken Save held a candlelight vigil outside Maple Lodge Farms slaughter plant to honour the 860 hens who froze to death while being transported to this killing facility. “We stand in solidarity with those 860 hens who froze to death and all those who have had their lives stolen from them inside Canada’s largest chicken murdering facility (or on route to the facility considering this isn’t the first time this has happened).”



Surrey Chicken Save held their latest vigil on March 12 at Sunrise “Poultry” Processors Ltd slaughter plant. They said, “Thank you good people for coming out to support the chickens.”








Welcome, São Paulo Animal Save. Their goal is to create glass walls at slaughter plants, which will promote cruelty-free lifestyles.






Melbourne Chicken Save and Melbourne Pig Save held back-to-back vigils on March 14. We were lucky enough to have international investigators Jo-Anne McArthur (We Animals, Canada) and Stefano Belacchi (Italy) attend both vigils to bear witness with us and to document the animals as they were being driven to slaughter.
Melbourne Chicken Save reports:
“The vigil at Baiada Chicken slaughterhouse in Laverton was dedicated to Anita Krajnc and her ongoing #pigtrial. We spent time with 4 trucks in the early hours of the morning, bearing witness to the poor chickens arriving at the slaughterhouse and soon to be killed. Some were on their backs, some had serious injuries that would have caused them immense pain, some were sleepy eyed, and some were wide eyed wondering what was going on — so innocent, with no idea of the violence they were about to face. We managed to rescue 5 of the chickens. One, we named him Brave, had to be rushed to the vet with horrific injuries, and was put to sleep surrounded by love and compassion. The others have been placed in loving homes. Rescues give people at the vigils hope. Hope that one day they will all be free.”

Please watch video of the vigil:

Three of the lucky babies, safe from harm.



Melbourne Pig Save held a city rally on March 18 at the Bourke Street Mall, to spread awareness of the inherent cruelty involved in Australian pig farming and slaughter.

Photos by Kelsey Hannah






Save Movement Bogotá held their first vigil on March 19 at Matadero Guadalupe, a slaughter plant in the south end of the city. When security personnel had the activists move away, they took their message to the sidewalk and the busy avenue nearby.
At the end of the vigil, activists were attacked by slaughter plant personnel: they were sprayed with blood. Their reaction: “Attacked for showing compassion. But we will stand strong and spread the message of animal liberation.”

Please watch FB videos of the vigil:






Welcome, Slaughterhouse-Nightwatch Zurich (Schlachthaus-Nachtwache Zürich), the first Save group in Switzerland. They’ve already held their first official vigil for pigs on March 17, at the SBZ slaughter plant. Please watch this video report (German language):






On March 15 Suffolk Animal Save bore witness alongside Norfolk Animal Saveat Cranswick Foods in Watton. They report: “We witnessed an estimated 3,400 pigs needlessly sent to their untimely deaths. Crammed inside squalid trucks amongst the dying, their own faeces and with no form of hydration. This is the real face of the British pork industry.”
Please watch video from the vigil:



Nottinghamshire Animal Save held their third vigil March 13 at the Moy Park chicken slaughter plant in Ashbourne. They report:
“The slaughterhouse is not willing to stop trucks for us to bear witness. We will remain peaceful and continue to slow walk the trucks until an agreement is in place. No animal would choose to end up in a place like Moy Park, and not one of them give up on life as easily as is made out. They all want to live and they fight until their last breath. Please be vegan. Chickens deserve a right to life and to be free from harm. Please get involved with your local Save group.”
Please watch video from the vigil:



North East Animal Save held a vigil for sheep at Cleveland Meat Co. March 16 in Stockton-on-Tees.






Photo by Sonia Valdivia

Chino Cow Save held their first vigil on March 18 at American “Beef” Packers slaughter plant in Chino, California.
Mike Menze reported with these photos and this account:
“Today a special group of animal activists got together for the first Chino Cow Save at the American ‘Beef’ Packers slaughterhouse for ‘used up’ dairy cows. Our amazing and compassion-minded vegan kids showed support and helped create awareness.”




Greeley Cow Save sent this report from their latest vigil:
“Bearing witness on Friday, March 10 at JBS slaughterhouse in Greeley, Colorado. Being the voice for those who cannot speak and bringing attention to the horrific treatment of these magnificent non-human animals.”




Knoxville Farmed Animal Save held their first vigil on March 15 at the Swaggerty pig slaughter plant in Kodak, Tennessee. The vigil started at 4 am. They report:
“We could barely stand the cold. Why do the pigs have to? How is it humane? These are some of the pigs we witnessed on their way to death Wednesday morning in freezing temperatures. Cold and terrified, pushed out of the truck into a holding area to wait. We saw you. You were not alone. When everyone arrived, a truck was just pulling in. We decided to go around and try to approach it and we managed to. The truck was not full, but there were pigs in the vehicle. We held up signs asking for the truck to stop momentarily so we could witness the pigs. The driver slowed, but backed into the unloading area instead of waiting outside as other trucks had. Then another truck came, and another. Some of our members were able to reach out and touch pigs pressed closed to the side of the truck, before safety concerns led us to back away. As we decided to head out, a member asked if we could sing, so we sang ‘I’ll Fly Away’ in the presence of the pigs, though they were far away. We are so sorry, angels. You didn’t deserve this.”




Welcome, Dallas Animal Save. They will work to end violence, oppression, and captivity of animals through bearing witness.


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