The Save Movement Around the World – 20/2/17

On February 11 Save Outreach Squad had a special morning of outreach, making their great weekly work even better. Organizer Mary-Chris Staples reports:
Today, in honour of Valentine’s Day, commuters and pedestrians at St Clair and Keele received a Sweets From The Earth cookie along with a SAVE booklet and information about the local slaughterhouses. In less than an hour, all 500 cookies were gone! I’ve never seen our activists have so much fun! Thank you everyone for your hard work – you brought smiles to many people today and inspired them to consider the plight of animals.



On February 18 Vancouver Chicken Save held their weekly vigil near the Hallmark “Poultry” Processors Ltd chicken slaughter plant.
Please watch FB video of the vigil.
Photo by Jodi Monelle



Mount Forest Animal Save‘s first official event, a morning of public outreach, took place on February 17 in Mount Forest, Ontario. Mount Forest is a small rural community in the heart of farming country. Activists stood at an intersection that sees many transport trucks transporting farmed animals – or their parts after being slaughtered.



Halifax Ad Campaign
Help us put  informative, creative, and thought-provoking vegan ad posters in Halifax, Nova Scotia! We are at 63% of our goal.
Halifax ferry riders will come face-to-face with the question, “Why Love One But Eat the Other?” This question challenges people to think about their daily food choices, utilizing the powerful tool of cognitive dissonance by highlighting the similarities between animals we call “friend” and those we call “food”.  Canadian food industry facts and figures will feature prominently in the campaign.
Donate at






On February 15 Bristol Animal Save held a vigil for the pigs at the Tulip slaughter plant in Westerleigh, just outside Bristol.
Photos by Blu Hawkes


These beautiful creatures have now been gassed and dismembered, and their body parts packed up for the likes of Danepak and Waitrose.
Meet your meat.



Wigan Animal Save‘s first vigil took place February 20 at Blacklidge Bros, Warrington Road Industrial Estate, where they bore witness to the cows and sheep bound for slaughter.
Please watch FB video of the vigil: Cows being marched to their deaths.






On February 18 Seattle Farmed Animal Save held their first official event, a peaceful morning vigil outside the Enumclaw Sales Pavilion, to raise awareness and educate the public. They report:
“Thank you to each activist who joined us today for our first vigil at Enumclaw Animal Auction! There were 21 of us bearing witness and standing together for the animals. We look forward to holding regular vigils at this sales pavilion and at cow and chicken slaughterhouses several times each month.”
Please watch FB video: This family was sold at the animal auction that takes place every Saturday in Enumclaw:

Outside the Enumclaw Sales Pavilion. “We sat inside the auction for a while then went outside with our signs and raised awareness. We got lots of thumbs-up’s from passersby and we got a few other not-as-nice gestures, too. Planting seeds!”



North Carolina Farmed Animal Save‘s latest vigil was held February 19 at House of Raeford Farms chicken slaughter plant near Teachey, North Carolina.

“For health’s sake…EAT POULTRY!” is the legend on this filthy truck, crammed with abused chickens soon to be killed.

This young activist has a much better way in mind.



Welcome, Chino Cow Save. They will hold regular vigils for cows at the American “Beef” Packers slaughter plant in Chino, CA (about 40 miles east of Central L.A.), to help end the violent oppression and exploitation of nonhuman animals through bearing witness to their suffering.
Find them on Facebook and Instagram.


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