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Niagara Farm Animal Save reports from their April 15 vigil:
“Please see photos from our vigil today at Lake Land Meats. Thank you to everyone who came and joined us in the rain. They called the police four times! We had a ton of support.”

Nova Scotia Farm Animal Save held an all-day vigil April 15 outside of Atlantic Stockyard Auction in Truro, NS. They report:
“We started the day at Eden Valley where we found the bodies of chickens left in the parking lot, then we went to a dairy farm ( we told them we were tourists), and to end the day we did some outreach in Halifax. Thank you to Melanie, Ananda, Pam and Jevranne for an amazing day yesterday bearing witness and education 🙂  It is not easy to bear witness but activists are brave souls who take on this task. Thank you all for the work you do for animals! Please join us!”Also, activist Jevranne Martel sent her report:
“The cows were in serious distress and were crying out for us to help. The moo’ing was constant and progressed with frantic movements when the train passed by, as their pens are way to close to a train track.  You can tell the workers inside do not care about the animals’ well-being at all. The security guard would follow us around anywhere we went and later called the police on us. When the police came, they were polite and wanted to try and find a middle ground solution for us. We explained some of the past cruelty that had been captured and why we were there standing up for the animals. This turned into a 45-minute conversation. We informed him on so many things in the animal agriculture industry that he was not aware of.”
This Global News article covers the “Why Love One But Eat the Other?” campaign in Halifax:
Halifax vegan ad campaign aims to provoke questions around eating animals


Sydney Pig Save held the first bearing witness vigil in New South Wales on April 14, at Rivalea’s Corowa Piggery & Abattoir, the largest piggery in the southern hemisphere, with 45,000 sows (as of 2010). The abattoir on the same property is the largest pig abattoir in Australia, with a capacity of up to 1 million kills per year.
Please watch their video report:
“In the video you can see what was experienced on the outside by activists and in the link provided below you can see what was going on inside as the pigs were ‘humanely slaughtered’ by gassing.”
Melbourne Pig Save sent this report from their outreach efforts April 17:
“We hit the streets today to do Pay to View sessions showing people ‘Thousand Eyes’ – We had a nice consistent stream of people watching the clip or stopping for a chat. The same comment we got each time was that they didn’t know animals suffered so badly when farmed for food and that it’s hidden away. The best part of the day was when 2 young teenage boys watched the footage and were very open and willing to have a discussion and share their thoughts with us. There were very genuine in saying how they felt and we hope it will spur them on to discovering more about the cruel animal farming industry.”
Melbourne Sheep Save and Why Animal Rights Matter sent this report from their April 11 vigil:
“Melbourne Sheep Save and Why Animal Rights Matter organised a vigil at the Ballarat Saleyards in VIC. During the morning we were there we witnessed great suffering and many instances of sheep and lambs who should never have been unloaded due to injury and illness. This is just one saleyard and what was witnessed here has also been witnessed at many other saleyards over the past year of investigations.
Please reconsider your choices if you eat lamb. There is suffering involved from birth to slaughter. Almost every animal you see in this video will be dead now having been driven to the slaughterhouse from the saleyard. Every single one was an individual. Every one valued their life. Thank you Natalie Shanti for helping put this video together.”
Melbourne Cow Save held an Easter outreach event on April 12 and sent this report:
“Today we had our joint Easter Vegan Outreach Event with Eggs Exposed Melbourne in the city. It was absolutely fantastic! We were able to distribute over 800 leaflets to the general public as well as a heap of Vegan Easter Chocolate including many bars from Pana Chocolate that were donated by them! Thank you Pana! We reached a massive amount of people and so many vegan seeds were planted today. Thank you to the amazing activists who took time out of their day to help spread the Vegan word. We made a wonderful difference for the animals today.”
Please watch powerful, moving video from Skåne Pig Save‘s April 11 vigil at the Scan slaughter plant in Kristianstad.

On April 14 Lancashire Animal Save held a peaceful all-day vigil at North West Auctions and 24 Hour Halal Services, two sites next door to each other: One for the live auction of animals and another to slaughter them. They report:
“Thank you to everyone who attended the Live Auction vigil at North West Auctions yesterday. It was the first live auction vigil in the UK, and we were extremely nervous, so thank you to everyone who showed us support on the event page and the live videos as well! Thank you for showing compassion!”West Yorkshire Save sent this video report from their vigil on April 17″
“Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Easter vigil where we bore witness to cows, sheep, lambs and pigs arriving for slaughter at John Penny & Sons, Leeds.”
Los Angeles Animal Save is now holding weekly Sunday vigils for the pigs at Farmer John’s slaughter plant.

At their April 9 vigil, 115 activists came together to bear witness to the thirsty and frightened pigs.


At their April 16 special Easter vigil, Los Angeles Animal Save activists bore witness and shared this message:
“While others are dining on dismembered body parts of innocent pigs, we will be giving them water and love.”
Please watch video:



Portland Animal Save held an Easter vigil on April 14. They report:
“It’s a full day of activism for Portland Animal Save and our fellow activists! Starting out with the #veganchalkchallenge at this morning’s Easter Education outreach event, attended a talk on effective animal activism, and now we’re off to the #cubeoftruth with Anonymous for the Voiceless!! It’s a beautiful day out, and a perfect opportunity to get active for animals!”
Please watch videos: Chalk challenge

Cows on truck bound for slaughter


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