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On March 9, closing arguments took place on the final day of the #pigTrial, in defense of the right and duty to bear witness, and of the right of pigs to be considered individuals, not property.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) president Ingrid Newkirk joined Toronto Pig Save for a vigil before the continuation of the #pigtrial. She was able to bear witness to pigs arriving at fearmans pork in Burlington. –
Each day, 10,000 pigs are gassed then have their throats slit. These innocent souls are only 6 months old. Please consider who it is you’re eating when you choose to consume animal products. Please go vegan.

Outside the slaughter plant, activists stop transport trucks so that everyone can bear witness.

Please watch video: Ingrid Newkirk, president of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), burst into tears after bearing witness of pigs in front of Fearman’s “Pork” Inc. slaughter plant. Thank you Ingrid for joining us and bearing witness. Ingrid founded PETA in 1980 and has seen so much, but yet she was still so deeply moved when she petted a pig on a slaughter truck.


Outside the courthouse, activists show their support after closing arguments concluded with a strong call in support of the duty and right to bear witness.


Vegan lawyers Gary Grill and James Silver have taken a criminal mischief charge and turned the trial around in a way that puts the cruel meat and animal agriculture industries on trial. They always refer to the pigs as persons — sentient beings with feelings and emotions. Near the end of the closing statements, Gary Grill said that “even if we found a solution to fix our health and environmental problems caused by farming and eating animals… there’s still the pigs. They are persons.” Gary Grill said to the judge, “We’re asking you to do something that has never been done before.” Judge Harris replied by saying, “Well, you know… less than a century ago women were also not considered people.”
Judge Harris set May 4 as the date on which he will render his verdict.May 4 is International Respect for Chickens Day, a very fitting coincidence.

Anita, James Silver and Gary Grill speak to the press after their court appearance.


This is some of the extensive press coverage the pig trial’s closing arguments date has received:
Toronto Star: In closing arguments, defence says woman who gave water to pigs acted ‘in the public good’
CBC News: Woman who gave water to pigs acted like Gandhi and Nelson Mandela: lawyer
The Globe and Mail: Once snubbed, pig saviour Anita Krajnc’s fight goes global
Global News: Ontario woman who gave water to pigs headed to slaughter compared to Gandhi, Mandela at trial
The Roy Green Show (podcast)
Best Video You will Ever See: “Compassion is not a crime”
Media scrum: Anita and vegan lawyers James Silver and Gary Grill speak outside courthouse at #pigtrial after judge fundamentally disagrees with prosecution’s case.





On March 8 Brampton Chicken Save held their latest weekly vigil outside Maple Lodge Farms slaughter plant. They report:
“We were only out there for 50 minutes in -7 (feels like -16) and we had to call it in. We were out there in solidarity with the 860 hens that froze to death on route from NEW YORK to BRAMPTON. Join our candlelight vigil this week in solidarity with those who froze to death and those who have had their lives stolen from them at this murder facility. TOGETHER WE STAND.
Please scroll down for the March 17 candlelight vigil event listing.




In support of the pig trial and the right to bear witness and offer compassion, Ottawa Animal Save held a Vigil In Solidarity with Anita on March 9. Their message? “Join us to tell the world that compassion is not a crime.”

St. John’s Chicken Save also held a vigil on March 9 in support of the pig trial, at Country Ribbon slaughter plant. They report:
“While bearing witness this morning to the 50,000 chickens slaughtered today, we saw a haunting scene outside of the Country Ribbon slaughterhouse. Several feet from dismembered chickens who lost their feet during transport. Chickens feel pain and fear. This is not acceptable.”




Melbourne Cow Save and Melbourne Sheep Save had a combined city truck route vigil on March 8. They report:
“A lot of the cows we witnessed today were covered with faeces. All the way to their head and their face. It was also very hot with the sun belting down on them. We want the public to SEE these animals on the trucks in front of them and make that decision to learn more instead of having blinders on for the rest of their lives. We witnessed 9 trucks in just under 3 hours and hundreds of cars went past as well as joggers, cyclists and tourists who we were also able to educate about why we were there. We had 7 volunteers today (all women which is pretty great as it’s also International Women’s Day today!), who held signs to help bring awareness and take photos for the social media audience. We also were there standing in solidarity with Anita Kranjc, co-founder of Toronto Pig Save, whose court case for giving water to a pig being transported to a slaughterhouse is concluding in Toronto on March 9th.”




March 11 saw the Melbourne March to Close All Slaughterhouses, for which the 4 Save groups helped organise the posters and placards. They report:
“We gave out 100s of our Save posters and you can see them in the sea of other pictures and signs. Approx 800 people attended our march; it was an amazing day with special guests Chris Del Force, James Aspey, Patty Mark and Jo-Anne McArthur all attending.”

Credit: Kelsey V Photo

Marching to demand an end to animal cruelty. 800 people stood and marched together and brought the city to a standstill with a message of peace, respect and justice for all.

The march received news coverage:
Animal rights protest shuts down major intersection
Nightly channel 7 mainstream news




Save Movement Lima held their first vigil, for the cows. Organizer Paola Ibarra reports:
“On March 11th, Save Movement Lima held its first vigil and it was a deeply emotional experience. A team of activists from different groups went to a slaughterhouse and together, were able to give for a couple of minutes only, the love that these beautiful animals deserve and have never received, before they were taken towards their certain death. Dimos todo lo que nos fue posible a estos hermosos animales. (We gave these beautiful animals everything we could.)” Please watch this moving video report from the vigil:






Bristol Animal Save‘s vigil for the pigs at Tulip slaughter plant in Westerleigh on March 9 also showed #pigtrial solidarity. Please watch this video report:





Manchester Pig Save held a vigil in solidarity with pigs and the pig trial on March 9. They report:
“We met these three adorable piglets yesterday morning, at only six months old they’ve already had the most traumatic life you and I can only imagine. We couldn’t save them, but with your help we can save all future animals from a life of abuse and torture by going vegan.” Please watch video from the vigil: pigs crammed in a transport truck.



Essex Pig Save‘s #pigtrial solidarity vigil for the pigs on March 13 at Cheale Meats slaughter plant in Brentwood saw a great turnout. Their message? “We stand united to raise awareness and to honour those past and present, who have brutally lost their lives at this site.”




West Midlands Animal Save a vigil at Janan Meat slaughter plant, Kingswinford on March 8, for sheep and in support of the pig trial. Please watch video from the vigil






North Carolina Farmed Animal Save‘s Roxanne Catlandia Kirtright visits with the pigs about to be killed almost every week. From her March 11 visit, she reported:
“At the holding pens for culled breeding sows, meet Noor, a brown-eyed beauty I met today, with some other prisoners in the war on farmed animals. Noor bears the scars of all their history, and yet she came right to me, confidently, boldly, asking for something to eat and drink. She chewed on the board a bit and talked to me, maintaining eye contact. What a waste, to see her only as a way to make money, or as a way to make some meals. Join me in a boycott of farmed animal foods. Give it a try, and think of dear Noor as you get started.”



On March 9 Portland Animal Save held a Pig Trial Vigil to show love to cows in their last moments, to stand in solidarity with Anita, and to tell the world that compassion is not a crime. Please watch video:

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