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Vigil for Seaforth Pigs
On March 23 a barn fire took the lives of 500 innocent young pigs on a farm on the outskirts of Seaforth, Ontario. London Pig Save held a special vigil on March 27 to honour them. They report:
“We had a great turn out at our emergency vigil for the pigs today! Thank you to everyone who helped organize and came out to bring awareness to the unnecessary suffering caused by the animal industries. Thanks to Shaun from the Seaforth Huron Expositor for this article covering our vigil last Monday for the 500 pigs lost in the local barn fire: When the London Pig Save heard news of the 500 pigs killed in a barn fire near Seaforth within 72 hours they were on the scene protesting. Before the protesters met in the town’s core, they travelled to the specific farm on Hydro Line Road in the municipality of Huron East. To honour the 500 pigs that died in the barn fire which was suspected to be caused by an electrical fault, they had a moment of silence. According to the Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs, barn fires are currently a key concern and electrical causes are at the top of the list.
Full Seaforth Huron Expositor article: Protesters come to Seaforth for 500 pigs killed in barn fire




At a recent Vancouver Chicken Save vigil near the Hallmark chicken slaughter plant, activist Roy Sasano shares his views on different styles of activism and explains the importance of standing up for the animals and bearing witness. Please watch:




Niagara Farm Animal Save report from their latest vigil at Highland Packers slaughter plant in Stoney Creek, Ontario, on April 1:
“We had a great turnout today! Thank you to everyone who joined us! We got a lot of reactions from the customers who were shopping at Highland Packers, and of course a ton of supportive honks and thumbs up! Opening people’s minds and hearts, one at a time!”





Bienvenida, Valparaíso. Welcome, Save Movement Valparaíso, the first Save group in Chile. Their goals are to educate, to promote veganism, and to build the foundations of an animal justice movement. Find them on Facebook.





Linköping Animal Save, Sweden’s second Save group, held their first vigil on March 27 in Linköping at the Scan slaughter plant. They report:
“Last Monday we encountered these eyes. Åsa said a few comforting words and cried. But no tears could save the life of the nameless cow who was on her way to the slaughterhouse in Linköping – the final destination for so many lives.”





Sky News ran a major news story about The Save Movement on April 1. Please watch:

Here’s the accompanying article from the Sky News website:  Fears over tactics used by vegan activists at abattoirs and restaurants




Dorset Animal Save sent this report from their latest vigil on March 27:
“Made inroads today in Dorset regarding our abattoir’s insistence not to budge on their policy not to stop the lorries on arrival. Huge turnout today meant, after sheer chaos greeting the first lorry’s arrival, the slaughterhouse agreed to stop them for a minute or so. Thanks to South Wales Animal Save for coming all the way down to support us and to all the amazing Dorset vegans. Peace.”




Welcome, Ayrshire Animal Save, a group on the west coast of Scotland that aims to bear witness to animals being sent to slaughter, using a love-based community organising approach, as well as encouraging a vegan lifestyle. Find them on Facebook.




Welcome, Cumbria Animal Save in northwest England, shining a light on and bearing witness to farmed animals of the county. Their first vigil is set for April 25 at Lindal Moor Abattoir. Find them on Facebook.






Greeley Cow Save activist Sarah Vowell Hewson shared this report from their April 1 vigil:
“Today was an appropriate day for Greeley Cow Save. Usually when I go, it’s a beautiful, sunny day and everyone is happily enjoying the outdoors while thousands of innocent lives are being taken, needlessly, just a few feet away. Today was cold and rainy and somber and much more appropriate for a tragedy and a funeral. I still have trouble believing that these sweet babies, who greeted me with their noses sticking out of the worse-than-Hell truck and who I attempted to comfort and apologize to, are now gone. I watched them walk in. I watched their bodies come out in the refrigerated truck. The smell today was far worse than any other time I’ve gone. I choked and gagged multiple times. And that smell was so appropriate for the horror of what was happening around me. They’ve done nothing to deserve this. We’ve done nothing to deserve them. Rest in peace and warmth and love, sweet babies. All I can offer is that I see you, I’m sharing your story, and some beautiful humans I know have been brave enough to listen. We will change this. We always see the light eventually. I’m sorry it didn’t happen fast enough for you.”




Phoenix Animal Save held a Candlelight Vigil for the cows on March 30, outside the JBS slaughter plant in Tolleson, AZ. They report:
“After we stopped the first one, the driver radioed the rest of the fleet and alerted them of our presence. This is to be expected, however, they displayed even more aggression than the first truck. They did not slow down at all but actually sped up to intimidate us, nearly striking several of our activists. This was a very powerful and eye-opening experience for us. We are there to bear witness to the suffering of the cows that come to this place to die. We will not be intimidated by the aggression of these drivers. We will never stop fighting for the animals who suffer here. We will be back. We will succeed.”

Please watch video: activists try to stop transport truck.






Make animal liberation your priority in life! Think of 10 kind things you can do each day and encourage your friends to do the same! Join us and participate in our weekly vigils, start a Save group in your community, and be a regular donor.


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