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Aberdeenshire Animal Save
(Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom)
Alberta Farm Animal & Horse Save
(Alberta, Canada)
Animal Save Skaraborg
(Skaraborg, Sweden)
Arkansas Animal Save
(Arkansas, United States)
Arthur Pig Save
(Arthur, Ontario, Canada)
Arthur Rabbit and Chicken Save
(Arthur, ON, Canada)
Augusta GA Farm Animal Save
(Augusta, GA, United States)
Aurora Animal Rights Advocates
(Aurora, ON, Canada)
Ayrshire Animal Save
(Ayrshire, United Kingdom)
Baltimore Animal Save
(Baltimore, MD, United States)
BASTA Inicjatywa na Rzecz Zwierzat
Bedfordshire Animal Save
(Bedfordshire, United Kingdom)
Bolton Chicken Save
(Bolton, United Kingdom)
Boston Animal Save
(Boston, MA, United States)
Brampton Chicken Save
(Brampton, ON, Canada)
Bridlington Animal Save
(Bridlington, United Kingdom)
Brisbane Animal Save
(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)
Bristol Animal Save
(Bristol, United Kingdom)
Calgary Chicken Save
(Calgary, AB, Canada)
Cambridgeshire Animal Save
(Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom)
Cardiff Pig Save
(Cardiff, United Kingdom)
Chicago Area Farm Animal Save
(Chicago, IL, United States)
Chino Cow Save
(Chino, CA, United States)
Cleveland Farmed Animal Save
(Cleveland, OH, United States)
Cornwall Animal Save
(Cornwall, United Kingdom)
Cumbria Animal Save
(Cumbria, United Kingdom)
Dallas Animal Save
(Dallas, TX, United States)
Deeside Chicken Save
(Deeside, United Kingdom)
Derbyshire and Staffordshire Animal Save
(Derbyshire, United Kingdom)
Devon Animal Save
(Devon, United Kingdom)
Dorset Animal Save
(Dorset, United Kingdom)
Dundee Animal Save
(Dundee, United Kingdom)
Durham Region Farmed Animal Save
(Oshawa, On, Canada)
East London Chicken Save
(Smeed Road, London, United Kingdom)
Essex Pig Save
(Brentwood, United Kingdom)
Farnborough Animal Save
(Farnborough, United Kingdom)
Gloucestershire Animal Save
(Gloucestershire, United Kingdom)
Golden Horseshoe Farmed Animal Save
(Appleby Line & Harvester Rd, Burlington, ON)
Greeley Cow Save
(Greeley, CO, United States)
Guelph Cow Save
(Guelph, Ontario)
Guildford Animal Save
(Guildford, United Kingdom)
Hamilton Burlington Pig Save
(Hamilton, Ontario)
Hanover Cow Save
(Hanover, ON, Canada)
Hanover Turkey Save
(Hanover, ON, Canada)
Hertfordshire Chicken Save
(Hertfordshire, United Kingdom)
Hobart Animal Save
(Hobart, IN, United States)
Hong Kong Pig Save
(Hong Kong)
Houston Animal Save
(Houston, TX, United States)
Huron Turkey Save
(40253 US-14 Huron, South Dakota)
HWY 401 Animal Save
(Hwy 401, Summerstown, ON, Canada)
Indiana Pig Save
Irish Animal Save
Kent Animal Save
(Kent, United Kingdom)
Kentucky Pig Save
(Kentucky, United States)
Knoxville Farmed Animal Save
(Knoxville, TN, United States)
KW Animal Save
(Breslau, ON, Canada)
Lancashire Animal Save
(Lancashire, United Kingdom)
Langley Pig Save
(Langley, BC, Canada)
Leicestershire Animal Save
(Leicestershire, United Kingdom)
Lethbridge Pig Save
(Lethbridge, AB, Canada)
Lincolnshire Animal Save
(Lincolnshire, United Kingdom)
Linköping Animal Save
(Linköping, Sweden)
Liverpool Pig Save
(Liverpool, United Kingdom)
London Chicken Save
(London, Ontario)
London Pig Save
(London, ON, Canada)
Los Angeles Animal Save
(Los Angeles, CA, United States)
Lubbock Farm Animal Save
(Lubbock, TX, United States)
Manchester Chicken Save
(Manchester, United Kingdom)
Manchester Pig Save
(Manchester, United Kingdom)
Manitoba Pig Save
(Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Melbourne Chicken Save
(Melbourne, Australia)
Melbourne Cow Save
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Melbourne Fish Save
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Melbourne Goat Save
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Melbourne Pig Save
(Melbourne, Australia)
Melbourne Sheep Save
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Miami Animal Save
(Miami, FL, United States)
Milton Chicken Save
(Milton, ON, Canada)
Milwaukee Farm Animal Advocates
(Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Mitchell Turkey Save
(Mitchell, ON, Canada)
Mount Forest Animal Save
(Mount Forest, ON, Canada)
Nashville Animal Save
(Nashville, TN, United States)
New Jersey Farm Animal Save
(New Jersey)
New York Farm Animal Save
(New York, New York)
New Zealand Animal Save
(Auckland, New Zealand)
Niagara Farm Animal Save
(Niagara Regional Municipality, ON, Canada)
(Rome, Italy)
Norfolk Animal Save
(Norfolk, United Kingdom)
North Carolina Farmed Animal Save
(North Carolina)
North East Animal Save
(Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom)
North Philadelphia Animal Victims Save
(Broat Street and Lycoming, in Philadelphia, PA)
North Wales Animal Save
(North Wales, United Kingdom)
Northern Rivers Cow Save
Nottinghamshire Animal Save
(Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom)
Nova Scotia Farm Animal Save
(Nova Scotia, Canada)
Nova Scotia Mink & Fox Save
(Nova Scotia)
Oldham Animal Save
(Oldham, United Kingdom)
Orange County Animal Save
(Orange County, CA, United States)
Orlando Animal Save
(Orlando, Florida)
Ottawa Animal Save
(Ottawa, ON, Canada)
Owen Sound Farmed Animal Save
(Owen Sound, ON, Canada)
Oxfordshire Animal Save
(Oxfordshire, United Kingdom)
PALS - Peterborough Animal Life Save
(Peterborough, ON, Canada)
PEI Farm Animal Save
(PEI, Canada)
Pennsylvania Animal Save
Perth Pig Save
(Perth, Australia)
Phoenix Animal Save
(Phoenix, AZ, United States)
Pittsburgh Pig Save
(Pittsburgh, PA, United States)
Portland Animal Save
(Portland, OR, United States)
Providence Animal Save
(Providence, RI, United States)
Sao Paulo Animal Save
(Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Sauvons les cochons/Save the pigs – Montreal
(Montreal, Quebec)
Save Movement Bogota
(Bogotá - Bogota, Colombia)
Save Movement Lima
(Lima District, Lima Region, Peru)
Save Movement Scotland
(Glasgow, United Kingdom)
Save Movement The Netherlands
(Boxtel, Netherlands)
Save Movement Valparaíso
(Valparaíso, Chile)
Save Outreach Squad
(Toronto, ON, Canada)
Seattle Farmed Animal Save
(Seattle, WA, United States)
Sheffield Animal Save
(Sheffield, United Kingdom)
Shropshire, Herefordshire & Worcestershire Animal Save
(Herefordshire, United Kingdom)
Skåne Pig Save
(Kristianstad, Sweden)
Slaughterhouse-Nightwatch Zurich (Schlachthaus-Nachtwache Zürich)
(Zürich, Switzerland)
Smithfield Pig Save
(Smithfield, Virginia)
Solihull Chicken Save
(Solihull, United Kingdom)
Sonoma County Chicken Save
(Sonoma County, California)
South Florida Farmed Animal Save – Bereavement Committee
(Miami-Dade County, FL, United States)
Spalding Animal Save
(Spalding, United Kingdom)
St. John's Chicken Save
(St. John's, NL, Canada)
St. Louis Animal Save
(St. Louis, MO, United States)
Stockport Animal Save
(Stockport, United Kingdom)
Stockyard Solace Animal Save
(Waterloo, ON, Canada)
Suffolk Animal Save
(Suffolk, United Kingdom)
Surrey Chicken Save
(Surrey, BC, Canada)
Sussex Animal Save
(East Sussex, United Kingdom)
Swindon and Wiltshire Animal Save Movement
(Swindon, United Kingdom)
Sydney Pig Save
(Sydney, Australia)
Tampa Animal Save
(Tampa, FL, United States)
Toronto Chicken Save
(100 Ethel Street, Toronto, ON, Canada)
Toronto Cow Save
(1 Glen Scarlett Rd, Toronto, ON, Canada)
Toronto Fish Save
(Toronto, ON, Canada)
Toronto Pig Save
(34 Little Norway Cres, Toronto, ON, Canada)
Tyson Chicken Save
(Richmond, VA, United States)
Upper Darby Animal Victims Save
(Baltimore Avenue and 14th Street in Upper Darby, PA )
Vancouver Chicken Save
(Vancouver, BC, Canada)
West Midlands Animal Save
(Wolverhampton, United Kingdom)
West Yorkshire Save
(Bradford, United Kingdom)
Wigan Animal Save
(Wigan, United Kingdom)
Windsor-Detroit Farm Animal Save
(Windsor, Ontario)